Lying Headlines about Religious Freedom in Indiana

The lying headlines say that the law is about “refusing gay customers.”

Just to be clear, I am opposed to any law that singles out practicing homosexuals for special exclusions in business service, but I think it is a fundamental human right to refuse to associate with anyone on any grounds. Everyone should have the right to refuse any customer.

People act like the world would come to an end leaving people to starve in the streets. That is ridiculous. Businesses remain in existence by serving customers in exchange for money. They can’t afford to exclude customers because these customers are vitally important to what they have to do: make money.

So the idea that there are lots of businesses just waiting to cut down the number of customers that they serve is ludicrous. Anyone who refuses customers is basically giving those customers to a competing business. They lose money and other businesses gain that money.

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So it disgusts me to hear people act like all civilization depends on forcing businesses to serve customers. It is amazing to see people allegedly raised in this country act as if freedom of association is a fearful threat.

But there is no such threat anyway. howls in the headline: “Indiana Businesses Can Now Refuse Gay Customers.” But it isn’t true. There is nothing in the law about shoe stores refusing to sell shoes based on the business-owners views on the morality of the customer. No one is refusing to serve practicing homosexuals at restaurants. (And again, even if the government recognized that freedom rather than suppressing it, few or no business owners would exercise it because no one wants to turn away customers if they can help it.)

The law is not about refusing customers but about refusing to pretend that there is some such thing as “gay marriage.” There isn’t. It doesn’t exist. And, if you want to indulge in a mock marriage ceremony to assert otherwise, you are going to have to go to businesses that share in your belief or else don’t care about it one way or another.

Christianity teaches that marriage is heterosexual (not that it ought to be heterosexual but that it is). Whether they are wrong or not, from the perspective of a secular person, is irrelevant. The point is that Christianity has not been outlawed in this country, so Christians are no more required to take part in a “gay marriage” then a Jew is required to eat non-kosher meat.

Everyone is acting outraged because this bill “allows discrimination.” But then we see these same people embrace discrimination.

Some groups that hold conventions there say they may reconsider their plans to do so. The bill signing comes just more than a week before NCAA men’s Final Four games at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis; the NCAA says “we are examining the details of this bill … the NCAA national office is committed to an inclusive environment where all individuals enjoy equal access to events.”

What’s that? You are going to discriminate against an entire state because you don’t like their morality? That’s an odd practice for people who are “committed to an inclusive environment”! But I completely support your right to do it in a free country. And if you have the right to exclude an entire state, then I think we are on safe ground to say that Indiana business owners have the right to not participate in mock marriages (as they see it, if you will). If you get to discriminate, then so do they.

It is called equality before the law.