Lying Journalists Are the Result of a Lying Worldview

Lying journalists lie because they don’t even believe in the truth.

gruber meme

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jonathan Gruber and the so-called “journalists” at the Rolling Stone are a product of the same failed worldview. They have been brainwashed over and over in their elite academic bubble with a sophistry that there is no such thing as truth, and only “perspectives.”

Thus, we find out from the Reason blog, “Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Story Just Took Another Massive Hit.”

The Washington Post just published another investigative report on the University of Virginia gang rape allegations—and whatever credibility Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone had left is totally obliterated.

WaPost spoke with the three friends who rescued Jackie after her alleged gang rape on September 28, 2012. The details they provided depart significantly from Jackie’s narrative as reported by Erdely. The friends told WaPost that Jackie did not appear battered or bloodied and gave a description of the attack significantly different than what was later published in Rolling Stone.

The plain truth about the most elite “higher education” in America is that it is based in a world of make-believe—a highly convoluted example of “the modern American intellectual emperor has no clothes.”

As Dr. John Piper wrote in his Advent reading for December 8 this year:

“…where [God’s trustworthiness] is forsaken, moral and spiritual life disintegrates. The foundation of moral life is God’s truthfulness. A society that forsakes the centrality of the absolute truthfulness of God forsakes the foundation of truth, the foundation of morality, and the foundation of beauty.”

Why can our politicians and academic leaders lie so easily? Because they have forsaken the foundation of truth itself.

Why are we enduring a crisis of racism, sexual assault, rampant theft, and universal corruption? Because we have forsaken the foundation of morality.

Why is so much contemporary art incomprehensible, and often dark and ugly? Because artists are reflecting the loss of the foundation of beauty—God Himself.

Piper again: “If we forsake God’s truthfulness, the anchor is up, the rudder is loose, the keel is broken, and the ship of life (political life, social life, educational life, scientific life, family life) is simply at the mercy of the wind of human wishes.”

Read those lines again—that is where we are, because we have lost how the reality of what Christmas signifies is a rock-solid verification of our Creator’s truthfulness and trustworthiness. We have suppressed truth in our quest for self-deification and unrighteousness, and the whole culture is suffering because of it.

The problem is not exclusively our leadership; the problem is all of us. The problem is not unhinged economists, traitorous politicians, and derelict journalists; the problem—in some great measure—is Christians who need to do a better job of demonstrating the reality of what the Bible reveals.

We have a true story to tell, about a God who loves and sacrifices on behalf of His beloved. Let us tell it this Christmas season. O Lord, help us tell it.