Madeline Albright: World We Made Is “a Mess” and We’re Doing a Great Job’s report on Madeline Albright demonstrates how the ruling class takes credit for talking “boldly” or “straightforwardly” about horrible situations that they themselves have created. And no matter what their record they always assume they are the most qualified to fix those situations. Usually I think the financial sector is the most powerful demonstration of this phenomenon where the people who caused the problems and had no clue about the problems are given unquestioning credit as the people who can solve the problems. But not this time.

How does a world leader get congratulated as a straight talker? –or a has-been world leader? She simply announces how bad things are and pretends her own fellow members of the ruling class are not at fault. The sycophantic media plays right along.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Sunday offered a pithy summary of recent international events: “To put it mildly: the world is a mess.”

“There are an awful lot of things going on that need understanding and explanation,” Albright told host Bob Schieffer on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” 

Well, no kidding! But who made the mess, Albright?

Her answer: none of her friends are to blame.

Albright offered praise for Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to put impose a cease-fire in Gaza.

“I so admire Secretary Kerry for all the effort he’s put into this,” said Albright. “I think Secretary Kerry is doing everything he can at this moment to prolong the short peaceful cease-fires. It’s a tough sell for everybody.”

I think Albright is giving John Kerry a lot more credit than he deserves.

Aside from Palestine, our two or three biggest “messes” are Ukraine and Iraq/Syria.

In Ukraine, we supported a violent revolution to overthrow an elected head of state. The new unelected regime immediately passed a law that was oppressive and discriminatory to Russian speakers. Russia saw this as an act of aggression, just as we would have seen such an action if Russia had supported a coup in Mexico that replaced a pro-U.S. leader with a pro-Russian one. We now have a huge mess there, which could have been entirely avoided if we hadn’t engineered a coup.

Iraq is now fracturing into three countries, with a northern zone being a zealously anti-Christian Sunni terrorist-state. The murderous ISIS regime was obviously a result of U.S. Policy in Syria where we promoted the overthrow of the secular ruler and supported “rebels” who were really radical Islamist mercenaries.

But Albright has no problem with this kind of behavior. She thinks it is “worth it.”

This kind of criminal behavior has far-reaching consequences. The “world is a mess” because of years of compounding arrogance and bloodshed. Rather than try to stop the madness, Albright is cheering our leaders on into further madness.