Maine Court Embraces Transgender Confusion

Nicole Maines can use the girls’ bathroom, according to a ruling issued Thursday by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Why did the state’s Supreme Court get involved, and why was this an issue in the first place?

Because Nicole Maines is a boy who wants to be a girl, or as the PC police say, a transgender female.

The incident that sparked a lawsuit and courtroom battle occurred when Nicole, now 16, was in fifth grade and a parent understandably complained that a boywas going into the girls’ bathroom.

Teachers offered to let the boy — or as the Portland Press Herald put it, “her” — use the staff bathroom, but of course that wasn’t good enough for the parents who allowed their elementary-school-aged boy to run around as a “transgender” girl.

“I’m extremely proud of our state and our leaders, of what they did,” said Wayne Maines, adding that the legal process worked for his “daughter.”

The state of Maine apparently has had an amendment to their Human Rights Act protecting so-called transgender people since 2005, but this case was the first test of that bit of legal silliness.

Across the country, in California, the state’s governor recently signed what critics have dubbed “The Bathroom Law,” promoting the same sort of nonsense and allowing students to use locker rooms meant for the opposite sex so long as they claim to “identify” as that gender.

Opponents of the officially named School Success and Opportunity Act have been trying to qualify the issue for the next ballot, but have faced a series of hastily concocted legal hurdles by games-playing liberal election officials. At present, the state’s counties are verifying petition signatures for the ballot proposition.

Homosexuality is a choice, despite what the pro-homosexual lobbyists will tell you. If it were determined by genetics, homosexuality would have been bred out of existence long ago, obviously.

When a young child in elementary school is already expressing the desire to be the opposite gender, there is something in that child’s life that is influencing him to behave that way. That should be a red flag for child welfare officials.

There are studies that have shown a link between childhood sexual abuse and later homosexuality. We don’t know the details of Nicole Maines’ life, but clearly something is askew that made this boy want to be other than what he really is, a young man.

Nicole Maines, born Wyatt Maines, allegedly began identifying himself as a girl when he was 2. A child that age has no idea what he is doing, and his behavior was obviously encouraged. He was being called Nicole at school by the third grade and dressing as a girl by the fourth.

According to the Press Herald, Wyatt-Nicole did undergo therapy, but the kind of “groundbreaking regimen” that encouraged him to become a her, including hormone treatments to stop puberty and make future gender surgery easier.

The poison of political correctness often prevents such children from getting help when it could be most effective and encourages them to embrace a life of social ostracization that often leads to other mental health issues. In California, such liberal madness has led to making so-called reparative therapy illegal.

“We think it was very important in this case that the court emphasize the principle that we have in law, that the discomfort of other people cannot trump the law,” said attorney Ben Klein. But it’s the comfort or discomfort of one person that is driving the whole push to overturn social conventions that represent the personal beliefs of the majority of individuals.

The thing about choices is that you have to take responsibility for the consequences. The problem with the homosexuality “rights” movement is that it forces the American public to accept responsibility for homosexuals’ choices and to change to accommodate them, no matter how absurd.