Maine Governor Regrets Signing Common Core Curriculum Into Law

Remember me writing about the Common Core State Standards Initiative that was developed by the National Governors Association Center?  In reality, the production of the education curriculum was prompted by the federal government, but hidden under the guise of the state governors to help sell it to the American people.

Since its inception into classrooms all across America, more and more parents have become alarmed at what the Common Core curriculum is teaching their kids.  If you recall, I shared about one book on the recommended reading list for 11th graders that glorified rape, incest and pedophilia.  Then another book surfaced that is recommended reading material for 10th graders and is nothing more than pure pornography in words.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of liberalism that permeates the Common Core standards.  It also takes a lot of the control away from local schools and school districts as to what they can and cannot teach.  And in one state, that is causing concern among parents, teachers and conservatives so much so that it may affect the re-election of a conservative governor who signed it into law.

Paul LePage is governor of Maine.  He is a conservative Republican, but signed the Common Core Standards into law only 4 months after being sworn into office January 2011.  He is now having second thoughts about the Common Core Standards as there is a growing number of conservatives in the state that don’t like it.  This is starting to affect his support base that he desperately needs for his re-election bid in 2014.

Carroll Conley, the Executive Director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, say that his organization still backs LePage because he stands for the same moral values that his group holds to.  However, some within the group are questioning whether or not they will support him next year because of the Common Core standards.

When the question of school control came up, LePage signed an executive order reaffirming that Maine schools should have local control over what they teach.  Conley said that the executive order helped but was not a total solution.  He stated that LePage needs to start working towards removing Common Core from Maine schools saying:

“We do commend the Governor for recognizing the necessity and the importance of local control and privacy, but we also think the legislature is going to have to get involved to totally extricate from this.”

Unfortunately, doing away with the Common Core Standards is not that easy.  Some say it will take a lot of money, time and political power to eradicate the ‘one-size fits all’ standards.  As I said before, the feds are the ones behind it and they will use whatever measures necessary to make sure that states keep and utilize the socialist curriculum.

In the meantime, at least one conservative Republican regrets letting the Common Core Standards from sinking its claws into his state’s children. Although LePage represents everything else that Maine’s conservatives want, his signing the Common Core into law may be enough to foil his bid for re-election.  Hopefully parents and conservative groups elsewhere will also take action against those responsible for implementing Common Core in their states and push to get it thrown out.