Mainstream Media Admitting: Health Insurance Premiums About To Blast Off

I didn’t get this from a conservative blog. This is from Yahoo News… Though strangely the link suddenly stopped working as I wrote this post. What’s up with that? Perhaps it will become available again but it looks suspicious.

Thankfully, the news story is still available here:

Health insurance premiums will likely skyrocket next year, despite the Obama administration’s consistent assurance that consumers will not experience sticker shock under the president’s health care law.

That’s according to industry insiders who told The Hill that they are expecting the price of monthly premiums to increase significantly. In some states, rates could increase by as much as 300 percent.

“There is extensive concern about rate increases next year,” said Avalere Health’s Vice President Caroline Pearson. “Particularly since early exchange enrollment is skewed toward older enrollees, some are concerned that plans will need to raise prices in 2015.”

Rates won’t be announced until the fall, however, and Pearson cautioned that it’s still too early to know what they are likely to be since the enrollment period for this year is still ongoing.

Remember, this is despite amazingly high deductibles. In fact, in the middle of the story is a link to another story from early February, with the headline, “Obamacare Sticker Shock Found in Deductibles, Not Premiums.

The sticker shock will be found everywhere.

This is good news for conservatives for at least two reasons.

First, obviously, it is yet more evidence that the mis-named “Affordable Care Act” was an insane idea to begin with. It needs to be repealed, both to bring health care costs down, and to save us from a debt crisis.

Secondly, this means that even fewer young healthy people are going to sign up for it. Even if the penalty is increased, I doubt it will increase enough to motivate the younger adults to pay out so much money for so little product. So, again, the law is not working because it could never work.