Mainstream Media Preps Us for Major Government Spending Increase

We need to brace ourselves for more government spending by Republicans cooperating with Barack Obama.

It isn’t hard to see the agenda in this Associated Press story: “Congress Returns to Weighty List of Unfinished Business.” Nowhere does this weighty list include reducing spending. The coming financial black hole is simply going to be ignored. We are supposed to forget about all that and accept that the country will fall apart if Congress doesn’t cooperate with the President and spend more.

Congress returns on Tuesday with a critical need for a characteristic rarely evident through a contentious spring and summer – cooperation between Republicans and President Barack Obama.

Lawmakers face a weighty list of unfinished business and looming deadlines, including a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open beyond Sept. 30. The most intractable issues – a solution to a yearlong battle over agency budgets and a deal on a long-sought highway bill – have been kicked to the fall.

“It’s going to take a sense of give and take on both sides,” said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla. “The big deal will be, `Can you come to a deal on transportation, debt ceiling and avoiding sequester?’ So a large budget deal will determine, I think, whether or not we’ve really been successful.”

Automatic budget cuts called sequestration are the result of a hard-fought deal Obama signed in 2011.

Those automatic budget cuts were the best thing that Congress has done since 2008 and maybe earlier. But all anyone can talk about is how bad they are. They are bad because they didn’t cut enough.

The worst of it is that Congressional Republicans are going to keep Planned Parenthood operating despite their gruesome organ harvesting and illegal organ trafficking.

GOP leaders are playing down talk of a government shutdown that’s being driven by conservatives determined to use the spending legislation to strip funds from Planned Parenthood. The organization is under intense scrutiny after secretly recorded videos raised uncomfortable questions about its practices in procuring research tissue from aborted fetuses.

It would be every bit as legitimate to say that Obama is threatening a government shutdown if Planned Parenthood is defunded, but the Republicans are refusing to challenge the Democrat/media spin. They want to appear forced to cooperate.