Man Fights City That Mandated He Destroy His Own Garden

“Sustainable development” sounds like it has to do with conserving the natural resources at your disposal to maximize your self-sufficiency. It sounds like it has to do with growing your own garden, raising your own animals and drawing your own water so that you don’t have to depend on the government to provide those for you. But that’s not really what they mean by “sustainable development.” It is government speak for complete government control over the environment. And it seems to be happening at the city level in Orlando, Florida.

Jason Helvingston is in trouble with city officials because he has a 25-square foot vegetable garden in his front yard. City code doesn’t allow for such use of a front yard. People’s property has to have a “finished” look to it to make it look nice to keep property values up. Even the news article reporting on it makes it sound so bad and inconvenient that you have to step over radishes, wax beans and kale just to get to Jason’s front door. So what? It’s his property, and he’s using his property to produce food for himself and probably others. Having a garden is much better than having a lawn that does nothing except “look good.”

In his backyard, Jason has three chickens. The city doesn’t seem to care about the chickens, but they wanted him to uproot his front yard garden by Wednesday the 7th. It hasn’t happened, and he has no intention of doing so. Instead, he’s fighting the city, and he’s gathered two hundred signatures to petition the city to change its code to allow his vegetable garden. Next month, he has to stand before a board of bureaucrats so they can decide the fate of his garden.

As Jason said, “This is another example of the government telling us what we can do with our own property — that should never happen.” And now since we know that this “Obameconomy” is here to stay for at least the next 4 years, government officials should be encouraging people to grow their own food. Why would they want to deal with the food riots that are sure to happen sometime during Obama’s second term? When the millions who are on food stamps and other welfare programs are faced with “austerity measures” because of our growing insolvency and the inevitability of a complete collapse, these people will riot in the streets for food. Runs on grocery stores will leave shelves empty. Why would one not want a garden?

While investing in physical gold is undoubtedly important, commenter Michael McCarty makes an invaluable point:  “Invest in soil, not gold. Food is the new gold. If you don’t believe it, just wait. You’ll know it when you’re hungry.”