Man in Trouble For Eating Dove

There’s a guy in Texas who is in trouble for eating a dove that killed itself by flying into his window. His blog recounts the details:

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were relaxing on the couch watching Project Runway — what? — when a loud “BAM” startled us and sent our pups into fits of barking.  Initially we assumed that a stray baseball from a neighbor’s yard was the cause, but once outside we discovered this poor little guy.  For whatever reason a White-winged Dove had gone kamikaze, breaking his neck in the process. Coincidentally, dove season in Texas had started not twenty four hours earlier.  Here in Texas, the dove hunting season is very popular. In 1999 alone an estimated 607,000 white-wings were harvested by hunters during the month of September.  People travel long distances and pay big bucks to hunt these birds, and one had just been dropped into my hands. A lot of people would either bury or throw away a dead animal under these circumstances. I am not one of them.

On Ryan Adams’ blog, he posts pictures of the bird through the preparation process and pictures of it on his grill. It actually looks quite appetizing. Not a whole lot of meat, but it is a relatively small bird compared to the chicken we get at the store.

Apparently, what this man did was illegal. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife spokesman Steven Lightfoot, “It is illegal to possess any wildlife resource that has not been taken legally. By legal I mean there are certain means and methods…. You have to have a hunting license and you have to have the appropriate weapon and ammunition.” Further, the spokesman said that what Adams should have done under the circumstances is hand the bird over to a “game warden.”

These bureaucrats act like they “own the cattle on a thousand hills.” The bird didn’t belong to the state government. And the man didn’t even hunt the bird. It flew into a window and died. Another animal would have come by and eaten it if Adams hadn’t. And apparently, they’re expecting that people hand over all the dead animals that end up on their property over to the “game wardens?”

It’s almost as ridiculous as demanding that people pile up all the insect carcasses on their property and give them over to the Parks and Wildlife department. Or requiring a hunting license to kill mosquitoes.

Our local governments can be just as bad as our federal government. They all act like they own us and our property, and we’re just here to pay the rent.