Man Ordered At Gunpoint To Apologize For “What White People Did To Black People”

Oprah Winfrey was recently interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about a movie she stars in called Lee Daniels’ The Butler, a historical drama about a black man who worked for the White House as a butler for 34 years.

During the interview, the discussion moved to the subject of race and specifically about the Trayvon Martin case. She said she didn’t believe anyone can look at that case and think it wasn’t about race:

“A lot of people, they think if they’re not using the N-word themselves, they actually, physically are not using the N-word themselves and do not have, harbor ill will towards black people, that it’s not racist. But, you know, to me it’s ridiculous to look at [the Martin/Zimmerman] case and not to think that race was involved.”

She’s just reciting the usual talking points spouted off in the national media. She must have not gotten word that the NBC 911 tapes were edited and that Zimmerman is as white as Obama.

A lot of us on the other side can’t look at that case and think that Trayvon’s death was racially motivated. Race played no part of it. If Trayvon had been a white kid with a hoodie, perhaps the same thing would have happened, and then of course, we would have never known anything about it. It would have remained a local story.

I wonder what Oprah would say about this case in Seattle:

“A man has been charged with malicious harassment and second-degree assault after he pointed a gun at a man in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood and demanded that he apologize ‘for all the things white people did to black people,’ according to prosecutors… The victim was able to identify the man in custody as the ‘same person who had just pointed a handgun at him for 15-20 seconds and demanded he apologize for all the things white people did to black people.’ In court documents, the victim is described as a white male and the suspect was described by witnesses as a black male.”

Was that racially motivated, Oprah? How can anyone look at that case and not think that it was? The black guy was pretty clear on why he was threatening to kill the white guy. Apparently, the white man obliged his would-be shooter and apologized profusely to avoid being shot by the madman. Good thing the white man didn’t stand his ground. If he had, that would have been racist.