Man Saves His Family Not With Scissors; With Gun

Here’s another story that you probably won’t see on Obama’s website in the section where they’ve solicited people’s gun violence stories and reasons that they support more gun control. They’re only interested in the stories that end with, “if only we could take away everyone’s guns, then we could do away with gun violence” or “guns are weapons of war, so people need to defend themselves with scissors or ballpoint pens…but only as a last resort.”

In Houston, Texas, a family was baking a cake when they heard someone ring their door bell. The dad went to answer the door, and there was a kid standing there, who he assumed was a friend of his son’s. But the kid lunged at the man, knocking him down to the floor, and then two others came in after the man’s wife. The men were armed.

The man’s 21-year-old son sprang into action, grabbed his dad’s gun and shot at the intruders and killed one of them. The other two ran out. The police, who were responding to the call, spotted the two criminals trying to speed away in their car. They were pulled over and then taken in for questioning. The son who killed one of the intruders won’t be charged.

If the man had not had a gun, then what would have happened? Were the three thugs there to steal the family’s valuables? Would they have murdered the family? Three innocent citizens could have been dead. Or their property could have been ransacked, and valuables could have been stolen. Who knows? Since they made the decision to commit a criminal act by breaking in this family’s home and harming the family members, they should have known to be prepared to deal with the consequences. And now, one of them is dead.

This is what happens to criminals when they deal with gunowners. With stories like this, it really makes one marvel at the idiocy of liberal politicians out there who seriously talk about things like the “buddy system,” body fluids, Judo, ballpoint pens, whistles and scissors in the context of defending oneself from an armed criminal.

Anything but a gun.

Leave guns to government and criminals. And the rest of us who can’t depend on the government (or criminals) to keep us safe should be left with basically nothing.