A Man’s Home is Not His Castle: Shooting Threatening Intruder Now Treated as Murder

A man kicks in the door of your home at 2:00 a.m., and makes an aggressive move toward your wife. What should you do?

According to the Maryland State’s Attorney, you should call 9-1-1, and wait for the police to arrive.

Air Force Sergeant Matt Pinkerton instead defended his wife and home with a 9mm bullet, and when the man started toward them again, fired a second time. Maryland has charged Pinkerton with murder.

The citizens of Maryland should rise up in protest. Will they? Or do they accept that they have to suffer five minutes or more of mayhem at the hands of an intruder until the police arrive?

Insanity, Maryland is your home.

Here is the article linked from the Facebook support page:

Pinkerton was charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and use of a firearm in a felony or violent crime.

The state argued that Pinkerton could have called 911.

District Court Judge Jonas Legum reduced Pinkerton’s bond from $1.5 million to $250,000.

Legum said he finds it “amazing” that the statement of probable cause against Pinkerton is only two pages long, and included only one sentence about whether or not Green had a weapon.

Pinkerton told police he did not see any weapons in Green’s hands, charging documents state.

Green had staked out the Pinkertons’ home before they arrived early Sunday morning, O’Neill said. When Green knocked on the door, Pinkerton retrieved a Glock 17 9mm handgun, put it in his back pocket and went to see who it was, police said. He wasn’t expecting any visitors.

When Pinkerton opened the door, he found Green on the porch, police said. Green demanded to see Jessica Pinkerton.

Matthew Pinkerton told Green to leave, but he refused and started to shout, police said.

The pair exchanged “derogatory” remarks before Pinkerton closed the front door, police said. Green continued to yell from the front porch, police said.

Pinkerton then heard his screen door being opened, police said. He headed back to the front door as Green broke through it, damaging the door frame, O’Neill said.

Pinkerton pulled his gun and ordered Green to leave, O’Neill said.

Green continued into the residence and was shot twice by Pinkerton, police said.

“He has the right to defend himself against an intruder,” O’Neill said.

Assistant State’s Attorney Glen Neubauer said Pinkerton could have called the police. When Pinkerton grabbed his gun, it was “bizarre behavior in itself,” Neubauer said.

But O’Neill said calling 911 wasn’t an option.

“By the time 911 is called, he’s dead,” O’Neill said.