Marco Rubio Is a Big, Dumb Idiot

Marco Rubio is a big, dumb idiot. His participation in the bipartisan group of senators known as the Gang of 8, formed to draft immigration-reform legislation, is moronic.

The first clue for Rubio that this Gang, like the majority of gangs, is bad news should have been the only clue needed, and that is that Sen. Chuck Schumer is on Rubio’s side. That’s not just a red flag, that’s a screaming siren. If Chuck Schumer supports Rubio’s plan, then he, Schumer–a well-practiced politician to Rubio’s rookiehood–must know, or at least believe, that this plan will ultimately help Democrats.

Here’s something I’ve never said before: Schumer is right. As Rubio explains it, he will only support what amounts to amnesty if our Mexican border is first secured. His support is “dependent” on securing the border, okay? But the first step in his and his gang’s legislation is the legalization of the roughly 11 million illegals already here. So there goes the “dependent on border security” claim.

I understand where Rubio is coming from–recognition that Republicans need to be more appealing to Hispanics to win their votes–but he’s a big, dumb idiot if he thinks the borders will be made secure after Democrats have gotten a taste of approximately 11 million new voters.

Plus, Republicans will not get credit for the amnesty in the Gang of 8’s proposal, because it will be noted that other congressional Republicans had to be dragged kicking and screaming to vote for it (if they do vote for it). In addition, as noted at National Review, John McCain had “an established record for supporting amnesty [but] could not muster one in three votes from…Hispanic citizens” in the 2008 elections.

Rush Limbaugh once proposed an amnesty plan that I can get behind: we’ll grant pardon for their crimes of trespassing (amnesty in a nutshell), but all those who receive that pardon will be prohibited from voting for 25 years. Though I’d go even a step further: Those illegals broke the law, so they need a penalty. Amnesty removes that penalty. And the only reason Democrats want amnesty is because they’ll gain 11 million new voters and 11 million new people dependent on and beholden to the government. So what I would say to an illegal is, fine, you’ll get your amnesty, but the penalty for your crime, since you received no penalty otherwise, is no voting rights at all. Of course not one single Democrat, as a member of that Party that pretends to care about the well-being of the illegals here, will vote for the well-being of illegals if it means those illegals can’t vote. “Screw their well-being, I want votes!”

Rubio’s big-dumb-idiocy is a sobering reminder that no politician is perfect. Heck, even Ronald Reagan dabbled in amnesty. Rubio needs to learn the ways of Washington without becoming a Washingtonian. If he believes a Democrat’s promise to secure the border after enacting amnesty, he is far too naive to be a presidential candidate in 2016.