Marijuana Raid Lets Cops Munch on Marijuana Edibles?

Should a marijuana raid be a party?

The Orange County Weekly has posted three videos along with a report. The videos seems to show cops who raided a marijuana dispensary eating some of the treats that are dispensed there, getting rather relaxed, playing darts, and sitting around telling jokes. It is possible that they just happened to bring snacks with them to the raid and just felt relaxed that day, but it certainly appears that they are getting a bit stoned.

The footage was obtained because the police thought they had disabled the cameras. But they missed at least one.

A couple of other things transpired.


a female police officer joking that she wanted to kick Marla James—a marijuana activist and wheelchair-bound amputee who was present during the raid—in her “nub.”


James struggled to understand why the female officer in the video would make fun of her disability.

“You know what, I was really nice to that woman,” James said. “I even complimented her on her hair. I treated that woman with respect and I have no idea why she wanted to kick my stump.”

Second, a statement was made about the Judge that had actually signed the warrant:

Hon. Jonathan Fish has been an Orange County Superior Court Judge since 2008, but before that he was a prosecutor with the district attorney’s office who specialized in narcotics cases.

In the footage, an unidentified Santa Ana Police officer is talking to another cop as they wrap up their raid on the marijuana dispensary.

“You ever work with John Fish, the DA?” the officer asks.

“He was just in when I got there,” his partner responds.

“He’s the judge that signed our warrant,” the first officer continues, adding that he had just spoken with Judge Fish and had enjoyed a good laugh with him about their old times together. “He’s the f—er that pulled into a gas station on our way to the Staples Center and goes, “Let’s buy some beers and drink ’em out of a red cup.’ I go, ‘That’s not going to be obvious.’ There we are at an am/pm getting styrofoam cups and pouring our beers into them. That f—ing blew me away.”

The Police Department assured the OC Weekly that the video would be investigated. The Judge had, so far, refused to comment at the time I saw the story (last night).

Keep in mind the dispensary was raided not because medical marijuana is illegal but because it is highly regulated. Santa Ana only allowed a limited number of dispensaries to operate and this one had not won the lottery.

Below are the three videos. If you decide to watch them, please be warned that the police officers use “the F word” pretty often.

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