Marines Fight Back against America’s Enemy: the PC Command

People often dismiss the military as a place where people don’t think for themselves, but blindly shut up and follow orders. The Marines are showing that isn’t true–at least not for them. The Obama Administration wishes it were true.

The Washington Times reports, “Marine Corps study finds few women in combat in other nations’ militaries.”

The most important aspect of this story is not what the Marines found, but the fact that instead of accepting Feminist dogma, they bothered to investigate and publish the facts.

As the Obama administration pressed the military to end all sex segregation, the Marine Corps decided to see for itself how other countries employ women in direct combat — and it has amassed some surprising results over the past two years.

In Canada, where a ban was lifted in 1989, the number of women in combat arms remains low and there are no specific physical requirements for any jobs in the Canadian land forces.

In Israel, which requires military service of its citizens, women in the vaunted Israel Defense Forces are restricted to serving in two light infantry border units when it comes to direct land combat.


The Corps dispatched its Force Innovation Office to four nations — Australia, Canada, Israel and the United Kingdom — as part of the four military branches’ study about the impact of putting women into the infantry, armor and special operations forces. The Marines, by far, performed a larger number of assessments than the Army, Air Force and Navy.

In Australia, the Marine team found a defense force still grappling with its recent decision to open combat to women. It reported resistance to tough physical and mental standards for women from civilian leaders, who actually do the recruiting for the Australian Defense Force.

The report said the School of Infantry Commander “was concerned that abandoning traditional physical training routines was compromising the mental toughness of his students.”

Meanwhile, Canada’s lack of specific physical requirements for military occupations stands in sharp contrast to the U.S. armed forces, which require combatants to be able to complete a number of specific tasks, some of them grueling, to become an infantryman.

“Canadian soldiers repeatedly pointed to low physical standards as a significant problem,” the Marine report said.

The Marines have performed their own test of women in combat, and the results were abysmal. Of course, the Secretary of the Navy simply dismissed their findings as biased. Because we all know that only bias would lead you to gather some data rather than assume that men and women are interchangeable.