Martin Bashir Resigns, But L. A. Times Still Whitewashes His Attack On Sarah Palin

Martin Bashir has finally resigned or been told to resign from MSNBC after suggesting Sarah Palin should be force-fed feces. By putting out the story that Bashir is willingly quitting, MSNBC is, in effect, still attacking Sarah Palin as worthless and subhuman. They are saying that Bashir can resign out of his sense of decorum but that they had no obligation to fire him for what he said. So even if they did force him out, by pretending otherwise their attack on Sarah Palin continues. So what I said before still stands: I can forgive Bashir when he apologizes for what he really did, but I can’t forgive the network for failing to fire him.

The L. A. Times printed a headline on the Bashir resignation whitewashes the true nature of what he did. Their headline read: “Martin Bashir exits MSNBC in wake of Sarah Palin outburst.”

What outburst?

There was no outburst. Martin Bashir and his writers figured out a way to go from a remark about slavery to a suggestion that Sarah Palin be forced to consume excrement. There was no outburst. This was obviously a scripted part of the show that built up from the story of a horrid slave-owner in Jamaica to a disgusting humiliation of Sarah Palin.

The first line of the L. A. Times’ story is even worse. “Martin Bashir has learned something Alec Baldwin already knows: Even a cable news host can say too much.”


Alec Baldwin wasn’t on his show reading a teleprompter when he made his remarks. He was out on the street getting testy with a reporter. His sin of the mouth really was an outburst. Yet Baldwin’s fate was sealed long before anything happened to Martin Bashir.

It is really serious that Sarah Palin can be treated with such open contempt. The rules that would be enforced to defend other people from verbal humiliation are not applied to her.