Martin Bashir’s Crush On Sarah Palin Is Getting Embarrassing! Stop The Public Bathroom Talk!

So Palin said that the debt load is going to be “like slavery.” Martin Bashir finds a story about slavery (interestingly he had to travel outside the American South) that includes defecating and urinating in the slave’s mouth. Then he suggests that this should happen to Sarah Palin.

Right, when someone mentions slavery they are obviously referring to the worst possible violation or humiliation one could imagine. That makes perfect sense. What about the house servants in the American South who were never treated badly but considered “members of the family” after a fashion? Did they have no right to complain about being slaves? By Bashir’s logic, unless someone is using their mouth as a toilet, they shouldn’t call their situation “slavery.” In fact, if they do so, they deserve the excrement punishment.

Frankly, Bashir needs to find more appropriate and less public ways to express his affections.

And as for what Sarah Palin said, “the borrower is slave to the lender” goes back a lot further in history than her. I know Bashir doesn’t know or care, but it is a claim found in the Hebrew Scriptures.

One of my complaints about Palin’s statement is that she bothered to mentione the idiot criticism that someone would claim racism. Such idiots Slavery has existed for thousands of years without being a racist institution. Why is the word now permitted no context other than Western Culture from the colonial period until the Civil War?

My only other complaint is that the debt is not and won’t be “like slavery.” When you are born owing your work and prosperity to another person that really is slavery! You are born into bondage. Your parents have sold you to masters whom you must serve.

The good news is that we won’t put up with it. The coming generation is going to default. There will be economic pain for all concerned when that happens, but there won’t be slavery.

There will be freedom.

In the meantime, Bashir needs to calm down and stop embarrassing himself. Someone needs to remind him that Mrs. Palin is a married woman.

(hat tip: Liberty Papers)