Mass Shootings Call for Fire Control & Bicycle Control

Assuming Liberals stop trying to frame homeschoolers for mass shootings and go back to trying to frame the Second Amendment, here is an interesting headline from “FBI: More People Murdered with Fire Than in Mass Shootings.”

Forest Fire

According to FBI crime statistics and the bureau’s recent study on “active shooter” incidents (ACIs) in the US, far more people are murdered with fire than are killed in mass shootings.


On September 24, the FBI released their study on ACIs showing 418 deaths in mass shootings–or “mass killings”–from 2000 to 2013. On paper, that works out to an average of 29.8 murders in mass shootings each year for those 14 years. But FBI crime stats for murder by other means show that the gap between those killed in mass shootings and those killed with more rudimentary weapons is staggering.

For example, the stats show 580 murders committed with fire from 2006 through 2011 alone. That’s 162 more murders by fire in six years than the total number of murders via mass shooters for the 14-year period studied by the FBI.


But The New York Times’ headline on September 24 read: “FBI Confirms Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000.”

A murder weapon that kills each year at more than twice the rate of guns!

Plus, I’ve never heard a story wherein someone saved their own, or protected another person’s life, with a fire, though it happens all the time with firearms. It’s so clear what we need to do:

Match-control! Lighter-control! We need them, now!

If it saves even one life, it will be worth it, right?

Also, according to other statistics mentioned in the Breitbart article, we may have to one day consider banning hands and feet. I’m not saying it’s time yet, but… we have to put that discussion on the table. It’s for the children.

And then there is this, from the same website: “CDC, FBI: Bicycle and Falling Deaths Far Exceed Deaths from ‘Mass Shootings’

Death statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coupled with crime statistics from the FBI show that bicycle and falling deaths far exceed deaths from “mass shootings.”

So the same reasoning applies to bicycles—it is time to ban them!

Yes, of course this is satire—a public service message designed to make you think. Every time I hear the line “if it saves one life…” I agree on one level, but then have to ask (as in the case with guns): how many times per day do guns save innocent lives? Those lives are lost when we ban or restrict guns, and that fact MUST be in the conversation.