Massachusetts Educrats Lose Minds over Students’ Hobby

Massachusetts Educrats (which, tellingly, practically involves both public school superintendents and what masquerades as “law enforcement” in these dark times) have turned airsoft guns that were never ever on school property or at any school event into a suspension or even an expulsion.


Airsoft guns, as most of you know, are toys that shoot plastic pellets. If your kids play with them, they should wear eye-protection and maybe even a face mask but they are less painful that paintball.

Boyfriend-girlfriend pair Tito Velez and Jamie Pereira dressed up for their public high school homecoming dance. Tito’s father took pictures at the Velez home. After snapping formal shots, the couple began hamming it up. They posed with their Airsoft guns at their home and the dad snapped that picture too. Anyone familiar with the “Men In Black” movie franchise or the my of “secret agents” will know why dressing up in formalware and holding plastic guns would seem to go together. (Tellingly, the couple really enjoyed an Airsoft hobby and had saved up and purchased their own toy guns.)

Then they apparently went to their dance and hopefully had a good time since their doom was fast descending upon them. One of or both of them put their pictures on Facebook tagged “Homecoming 2014.”

So the superintendent over Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School where Velez and Pereira are juniors—the aptly named Richard Gross—saw the picture, perhaps because someone complained (not clear). So he went and talked to the students and found out about their hobby. When he was told that the father had taken the picture he gave him a call and confirmed what was going on. He was also able to talk to a few teachers who knew both students and confirm that they weren’t a new Harris and Klebold in the making. Having done his probably unnecessary due diligence he made a humble request of the couple and their dad to untag the picture and perhaps only share it with fellow Airsoft hobbyists so that he could avoid any more worried phone calls.

And with that, this mature leader who has authority for the safety and education of children due to his intelligence and wisdom move on to other things.

Yeah, right. That didn’t happen.

Dallas News |

Gross expanded “zero tolerance” into the private residence of a student by suspending them for a picture they took in the boy’s own home. He called on the principal of the high school to “investigate”—a word for getting the police involved, ambushing the couple when they were getting on the bus to go to school track meet (those track and field athletes are especially unstable, right?) and telling them how horrible they were for this evil deed.

“They wouldn’t let me say what happened. They just said whatever they wanted and I couldn’t say anything back,” Velez said.

This specimen of a human being offered the following as his justification for his assault on two peaceful and non-guilty teenagers.

“It’s not the guns; it’s the connecting of that type of posture that type of thing to a school event,”

That’s how a control-freak, state-empowered bully speaks about his casual destruction of the First- and Second-Amendment rights of two young people who are obviously more intelligent already than he will ever be.

People, the zombie apocalypse is not fiction; it is on. And the brain-dead, brain-eaters are also tax-feeders. People who dare to live—people who go through life with intelligence and humor treating others with respect and expecting the same—are all walking around with bull’s-eyes on their foreheads. It is just a matter of time before some idiot bureaucrat (but I repeat myself) in some level of government takes aim.

So sorry Valez and Pereira. If either of you claimed to be the opposite gender the entire student body would be forced to accommodate you so that you got to use the bathroom of your choice. But an airsoft hobby is not protected.

This kind of atrocity can sometimes be pushed back. I hope the community will do so in defense of this young couple.