The Massacre of Christians in Iraq: The West is Silent because the West is Guilty

If you are a Christian who cheered the invasion of Iraq, what do you think now?

From the Telegraph: “Iraqi Christians are raped, murdered and driven from their homes – and the West is silent.”

For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul: an ancient culture has been wiped out in a matter of weeks. It’s a war crime that, strangely, no one seems to want to talk about.

Mosul is the second-largest city in Iraq and the place where many Christians believe Jonah was buried. Since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) rode into town, their faith has been forced underground. Bells have been silenced, the hijab enforced with bullets. Tens of thousands fled after being offered an unattractive choice: convert, pay a religious tax, or be put to the sword. The levy was unaffordable. According to one local news agency, Isis troops entered the house of a poor Christian and, when they didn’t get what they wanted, the soldiers raped the mother and daughter in front of their husband and father. He committed suicide out of grief.

Having driven away the worshippers, the Isis fanatics are now trying to extinguish the physical legacy they left behind. A centuries-old church has been burned to the ground; Jonah’s tomb has been desecrated. Isis wants to create the Islamic equivalent of Year Zero, a brave new world with no evidence of Christianity, women’s rights, democracy or even that most subversive of instincts, human pity.

It might seem like this revolution has nothing to do with us in the West, but that’s more than a little naive. The genocide of local Christians did not begin with Isis but with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Prior to the conflict, there were 1.5 million “Chaldeans, Syro-Catholics, Syro-Orthodox, Assyrians from the East, Catholic and Orthodox Armenians” in the country – living, of course, under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, but living nonetheless. Today, their number has dropped to just 400,000.

The foolishness of American Middle East intervention has absolutely decimated the Family of Jesus… and most in the West have nothing to say about it. I shudder to write it, but the blood of these martyrs cries out from the ground, and those cries will be answered.

The United States needs to repent—to acknowledge our culpability for what has happened not only in Iraq, but Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, and numerous other lands where Christianity has been savaged—and to turn away from our wicked policies that have abused sincere military members in a diabolical game of deceit and murder in a quest to accomplish who knows what.

ISIS is aligned with the Saudis, and they are reportedly the ones whose government has been protected in the “classified” 28 pages of the report on 9-11. Congressman Thomas Massie recently said,

It’s sort of shocking when you read it. I had to stop every couple of pages and sort of absorb and try to rearrange my understanding of history for the past 13 years and the years leading up to that. It challenges you to rethink everything.

Of the People, by the People, for the People!

I echo Dr. Joel McDurmon’s call, in the article linked above, that every one of us should contact our Representative and demand disclosure of this information. How can we know if our elected officials should be fired for dereliction of duty in this context without access to the real information about who was behind the worst attack on the continental United States in history?

We need the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what our leadership has done to be exposed for the world to see.