You May Want to COEXIST, but Others Don’t

You can’t coexist with violent intolerance.

“Coexist” is such a nice sentiment, and most of us have absolutely no problem living it out. Unfortunately, there are those who simply can’t tolerate the idea.

Four Muslims in Porte Dorée (the Golden door), a ghetto east of Paris, beat artist Combo after he refused to take down his Coexist street art. Combo suffered a dislocated shoulder, bruises and a black eye. Thus, the headline at the Gateway Pundit: “French Artist’s Calls For Peace End in Brutal Beating By Local Muslims.”

Artnet reported, via Jihad Watch:

It seems like something one would be hard pressed to disagree with: the word “coexist,” written on a wall using a Muslim crescent as the letter “C,” a Star of David as the letter “X,” and a Christian cross as a “T.”

But in Paris, this particular iteration of the popular inscription—here, created by the street artist Combo, who also pasted a life-size photo of himself next to it—didn’t go down well with everybody. Le Monde reports that four young people asked the artist to remove it last weekend, and beat him up severely when he refused to do so.

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This immediately reminded me of the guy hijacked by the Boston bombers… who reportedly had a sticker on his car with the same message as our French artist. As a friend of mine said: theory meet reality. (Note: I have learned there is major question whether this car was actually the one hijacked. Oh well, like so many good memes… probably bogus. It still illustrates what happened to our artist.)

False beliefs about human sociology are dangerous to your economic health (see anything out of modern Progressivism)–and your physical health, as this poor “street artist” learned the hard way.