McCain Compares Ahmadinejad To Monkey; Guess What–RACIST!

Monday morning Senator John McCain took to Twitter to write a joke in which he referred to Iranian president and certifiable madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a monkey.

As everyone knows, calling someone a monkey is racist because black people used to be called monkeys, so when you call a non-black person a monkey, you’re being racist against blacks because you’re calling that person a black person as an insult. So goes liberal logic.

As everyone knows equally well, liberals are against racism, and therefore none of them is a racist. Liberals are so far from being racists, in fact, that when someone uses the word “monkey,” liberals automatically think of who they refer to as “people of color.” And automatically thinking of “colored people” when you hear the word “monkey” isn’t racist at all. So goes liberal logic.

The joke Sen. McCain made was in reference to Ahmadinejad saying on Monday that he wishes to be the first Iranian in space. McCain tweeted, “So Ahmadinejad wants to be first Iranian in space – wasn’t he just there last week?” and then he followed that with a link to Yahoo’s story on January 28 about Iran’s launch of a live monkey into space.

Well, that was a no-no, McCain should have known. You’re not allowed to call a tribalistic dictator a monkey because that dictator isn’t white and you might hurt his feelings. You can call George W. Bush a monkey and make all kinds of political cartoons depicting him as a monkey and The New York Times will gladly publish them, but Bush is white, so it’s okay to treat him differently.

Ahmadinejad, on the other hand, is not white. So any comparison of him to a wild, uncivilized, human-like creature–which is basically what he is–is inappropriate.

In response to John McCain, Michigan Republican representative Justin Amash felt the need to ingratiate himself to the left by calling McCain a racist.

I take issue with this. One, if McCain is a racist, he knows he’s a racist, and so telling him he is a racist serves no purpose. And if he’s not a racist, then you’re being a tool. Two, so what if he doesn’t like a particular race? Who cares? As long as he’s not discriminating or oppressing anybody–and here I paraphrase Hillary Clinton–what difference does it make whether he is a racist or not? If John McCain killed a man, what is accomplished by tweeting, “You’re a murderer”? If McCain murdered, he knows he’s a murderer!

We expect the left to care about such petty issues as whether or not someone has a not-nice yet ultimately irrelevant opinion about some races; I do not expect the right to stoop to such childishness.

So the best response McCain and conservatives can give to accusations of racism is not to defend themselves with no-I’m-nots and I-love-other-races, but to simply ask of the accuser, “What’s your point?”