McDonald’s Employees, Pt. 2: “I’d Rather Have an Easy Job than Have Furniture”

Continuing my anti-lazy-people rant from yesterday, when I talked about the McDonald’s employees striking for $15-per-hour pay, I want to say that there is a reason fast-food employees are paid only minimum wage: it’s because the skills involved in a fast-food job are virtually non-existent and therefore anybody can do them. I’m not going to say literally anybody can do them, but certainly almost literally everybody. Fast-food employees are not special; they are not diamonds in the rough; they are doing tasks that people at below-average intelligence can do with ease. People with potential fast-food skills are as common as it gets. They are the Rattatas of the workforce. The skills required are not rare skills to have, so that is why they don’t fetch a high paycheck. In addition, the fast-food employee himself, not just his skills, is extremely common and there is very little demand for him. People willing to do the job (and willing to do it for minimum wage) are everywhere. Low skills plus low demand equals low pay.

Also, McDonald’s are franchises. When you demand a doubling of your wages from McDonald’s, you are not hurting the CEO and all the other big wigs in the company. You are hurting the owner of that particular branch, who, in effect, is a small-business owner. Should people be paid $15 an hour for unskilled labor even when it means doubling what you take from the pocket of that small-business owner?

Detroit reverend said, “We can’t survive on just $7.25; we need $15 an hour.” Then get a $15/hour different job!

One fast-food employee, Antoine, 27, said, “I struggle paying my bills” because his job doesn’t pay enough. But in fact, he struggles paying his bills because he’s almost 30 years old and has chosen to stay in fast food. He agreed to work at those wages when he selected to work in fast food. It was his choice. He can make another one: get a different job.

Another McDonald’s employee, shockingly named Shaniqua, said, “I’ve got a daughter to take care of. I struggle to make ends meet.” So what’s she going to do about it? She’s going to continue working at McDonald’s. Talk about irresponsible parenting.

Another one, named Shenita (I swear I’m not making this up), complained that she couldn’t afford to buy a kitchen table, and blamed the wages she agreed to work for rather than the job she voluntarily applied for. “My kids were eating on the floor. Things like that shouldn’t happen.” Indeed. Somebody call Child Protective Services. Shenita refuses to advance herself in the workforce for the sake of her child, refuses to get a better job, and insists on sacrificing a dinner table to eat from as long as it means getting to keep her easy, unskilled, low-paying job. Her poor child. I mean, the view of the big-screen LCD TV from the floor must be awful.