Media Applauds Congress for Saving Homeland Security

Instead of saving Homeland Security, Congress should save America.


What a sickening missed opportunity. Congress could have forced the President to choose between funding Homeland Security and funding his executive orders (i.e. self-authorized legislation) on immigration. That would have guaranteed the American people at least some victory no matter what happened.

But no, the oppression of the American people is an unconditional commitment for the majority in Congress. So they have “rescued” Homeland Security from the oblivion it so richly deserves (but only partial oblivion; see below) and have given it another week.

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Naturally, the media portrays all this as a great victory. The headline on the Associated Press report was: “Congress Averts Shutdown of Homeland Security.” That is an entirely partisan interpretation of what happened. I don’t know if a neutral headline is possible, but something should have been written that acknowledged another viewpoint—one that presented the possibility of a headline like, “Congress Caves to Obama White House.”

Congress passed a one-week bill late tonight to avert a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security Department, as leaders in both political parties quelled a revolt by House conservatives furious that the measure left President Obama’s immigration policy intact. The final vote of a long day and night was a bipartisan 357-60 in the House, a little more than an hour after the Senate cleared the measure without so much as a roll call. That sent the legislation to the White House for Obama’s signature, and capped a day of bruising political battles and rhetoric to match.

Notice that, while the media has been warning us of (or teasing us with) a simple “shutdown” of Homeland Security, all that is really at stake is a “partial shutdown.” This isn’t surprising after the farce of the “government shutdown,” but it is still annoying. It also makes that panic over the alleged need to avoid a shutdown even more irrational, since anything truly indispensible could be continued.

(Of course, if Homeland Security is doing anything truly necessary, that is only because the government took over those activities when it established DHS, depriving other people and organizations of that job. This was all based on the “failure” of the terrorist attack in 9/11/2001. But somehow that “failure” never translated into any person or persons who were negligent in their duties. So, the government report basically presented the success of the attack as a fluke, but also as a problem that could be fixed by more billions creating a new Federal arm of a growing police state.)

The good news is the battle is not over:

This time, Nancy Pelosi urged rank-and-file Democrats to support the short-term measure, saying it would lead to passage next week of a bill to fund the agency through the Sept. 30 end of the budget year without immigration add-ons. Aides to Speaker John Boehner promptly said there had been no such promise made.

Call you Congressman and make it clear you stand with the Feedom Caucus. Preserving Homeland Security is not remotely worth caving to President Obama’s executive orders!