Media: GOP Landslide Means Voters Hate GOP

According to the mainstream press, when voters deliver a GOP landslide, that means they detest both parties.


I would love to say this means that Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press” has, as they say, jumped the shark. But I’m afraid that the audience will simply accept the contradiction and move on. As Joseph Curl writes in the Washington Times, “MSM says GOP tsunami means voters are choosing ‘none of the above’

No less an MSM icon than “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd has said so in an NBC News piece last week titled “None of the Above: Voters Are Holding Their Noses at the Polls.”

The lead says: “If anything sums up voters’ attitudes about this election, it’s these two newspaper endorsements that essentially admit, ‘We dislike both of these candidates, but if we had to pick one.’”

The article quotes the Charlotte Observer, which gave a less-than-tepid endorsement for Democratic incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan. The Observer wrote that “Kay Hagan has been a disappointment”; said she “has done about the minimum you’d expect from a U.S. senator”; and complained that “she has a chronic reluctance to take firm positions on controversial issues.”

Then the paper said North Carolinians should vote to return her to the Senate. “We recommend voters give her another chance to show she is up to it.” Seriously. Because while the paper labeled her a “disappointment,” it called her Republican challenger a “danger.”

See, Republican Thom Tillis wants the unemployed to starve, the elderly (and, of course, women) to die without health care, and he wants to give billions to corporations. (What Republican doesn’t?) “It’s those positions that are the problem, and they are why North Carolina voters should send Hagan back to Washington and hope for something better,” the paper wrote.

Curl cites more evidence of the same insanity. Notice here that Todd’s argument doesn’t even match his conclusion. He says that people want to vote “none of the above” but then takes seriously the editorial of people who hate Republicans so much, no amount of Democrat failure matters.

They are not saying “none of the above”; they are saying, “We hate Republicans more than anything else.”

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The real problem is not that voters hate both parties. The real problem for Democrats is that Democrat voters will be too discouraged and unhappy to go to the polls. Those are the people who are going to leave Republicans to hopefully win control of the Senate.

I think a case can be made for many voters (mainly conservatives) despising both parties. That may explain why candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney are always doomed. But you don’t make that case from a newspaper article endorsing a Democrat who is obviously odious to voters. That’s just stupid.

In 2006, when President George W. Bush suffered what he called a “thumping” in the midterms, the three networks ran 159 stories about the elections from September to mid-October, according to the Media Research Center. This time around: just 25 stories — and ABC News, astoundingly, had not run a single story on the elections.

Republicans are about to win a giant victory and the media simply cannot allow themselves to admit that it is a Republican victory.