Media Keeps Pretending Homeland Security is Our Only Hope

The Senate is caving on immigration and the media is providing cover for them by pretending Homeland Security is indispensable to American security.


According to, the Senate has hit a wall. According to Politico, it is inching toward a cliff.

Republican leaders, racing against the clock to find a tough response to President Barack Obama’s immigration policies, are now left with two messy options: punt or risk getting blamed for shutting down an agency that fights terrorism.

A punt is looking more likely by the hour.

On Monday evening, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell moved the Senate toward a standalone bill narrowly targeting the president’s 2014 executive action and sparing the 2012 action aimed only at certain young immigrants. It’s the GOP leader’s first step in trying to disentangle the immigration fight from a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security.

Senior Republicans said privately earlier in the day that the party may have no choice now but to fund the agency on a short-term basis. The length of a so-called continuing resolution isn’t clear, but McConnell plans to discuss the matter with GOP senators in a closed-door lunch on Tuesday.

The dual efforts — to potentially move a short-term funding bill and attack the immigration policies separately — are meant to signal to conservatives the GOP will continue to battle the president on immigration without jeopardizing DHS funding. While passing a short-term continuing resolution without restricting Obama on immigration would likely clear the Senate, it faces an uphill climb in the House, where it is unclear if conservatives will view the GOP’s evolving tactics as a run toward political cover.

That’s because the “evolving tactics” are “a run toward political cover.”

In the context of the article, the metaphor of a “punt” seems to be the equivalent of waving the white flag of surrender. The Senate is throwing away a powerful bargaining chip and joining in the fraud that Homeland Security is essential to the survival of this country. It is not!

To put it another way, Barack Obama’s unconstitutional usurpations are far more of a security threat to this nation than any terrorist group.

Hopefully, the conservatives in the House will continue to fight the Senate on this and refuse to compromise.  This fear of shutting down Homeland Security is essentially an excuse to retreat from, rather than challenge Obama’s executive orders.