Media Lie: Barack Obama has Been Peace President until Now

Now that Barack Obama has openly called for war, Michael Hirsh has decided it is time to try to revive the pretense that, until now, Obama has been a peace president.

caesar obama

In his article in, “America’s New War President,” Hirsh writes,

With his new offensive against Islamic State terrorists in Syria, Barack Obama has a chance to revive his presidency, but the only way he can do that is to become a brand-new president, one who will be almost unrecognizable to his supporters. Obama must go from being the president who was elected to end wars—his most treasured self-image—to the president who finally leads one effectively. And he must now do it in two countries where for most of his presidency he has most resisted getting more deeply involved—Iraq and Syria

The only thing Obama ever “resisted” about Syria was using U.S. troops—something that he still refuses to do in Syria and Iraq. Obviously, once American’s start dying in either or both of those two countries, the popularity of Obama’s wars will sink fast. He is trying to make the next President take responsibility for such an escalation.

But otherwise, Obama has backed aggressive interference in Libya and in Syria. In Libya he, with Nato, has turned a stable and unjust dictatorship into a nightmare terrorist hellhole. What a great U.S. policy legacy! And he did so without getting authorization from Congress. In Syria, he destabilized the regime and instigated rebellion so that Jihadis were attracted to go there and fight. The results included continual Christian massacres and eventually the rise of ISIS to grab territory in Syria and Iraq.

Obama has matched George W. Bush in every way as a war president. He only bragged about getting all troops out of Iraq after the Iraqis forced him to do so. His use of drones has far outstripped anything George W. Bush has done. His invention of a “kill list” for American citizens to be assassinated by drone without due process goes beyond what George W. Bush did.

All of this and much more was done in public view. But the media insists on pretending that we had a genuine peace President who tried his best and now is forced to change tactics due to circumstances beyond his control

Hirsh piles lies on top of lies:

It’s now clear that the perilously swift rise of the Islamic State, and perhaps too the perilous downward slide of the president’s poll numbers, has forced him to radically re-evaluate his presidency—and to shed, at long last, the state of denial he has appeared to inhabit regarding the most precious myth of his presidency: that he was close to defeating al Qaeda, and bringing America out of a “state of perpetual war.”

The Islamic State did not rise despite President Obama’s attempt to defeat al Qaeda. It rose as the result of Obama openly arming and supporting Jihad against secular dictators in Libya and then Syria. This is almost entirely an American-made enemy—one that conveniently allows Obama to get Congress to go along with his original plan in Syria.

What I don’t understand is why the American people go along with these lies. Anyone can read the news and see what is happening. People seem bent on deluding themselves.