Media Reveals White House is Working for DC Statehood

The media are making a big deal about Barack Obama officially claiming he is in favor of “home rule” for Washington DC. But it turns out that he has been advocating it for a long time. He even had the White House royal limousine license plates changed last year to the Washington DC slogan “Taxation without Representation.”

This issue is instructive because it shows that no matter how self-serving and unjust the issue, if it will bolster Democrat power, the Democrats will treat it as a moral crusade about “justice.”

We should get two more Senators in Washington DC for a population of fewer than 700,000 people? Does that make any real democratic sense?

If I live in DC, I would probably want that message on my license plate too. But I would work for a law that exempted DC residents from income tax. I would far rather be unrepresented and untaxed than plundered in exchange for the “right” to vote for someone to mess up my life in Congress or the Senate. That would be a poor bargain.

But, there is a much easier solution. Simply draw the Virginia-Maryland state line through DC and declare that everyone is an official resident of the state on whose side they live. Then they have representation. Since Congress has ceased expanding the number of representatives in the House, this will mean there will need to be redistricting in the two states. But otherwise it should be pretty simple. The city government of DC can stay otherwise autonomous but the residents can be “represented” if that is so important to them.

I’m sure the lives of DC residents will drastically improve the moment they are represented. Because the rest of us have a wonderful life all because we get to vote for criminals to make careers out of exploiting us.

Sure we do.

There is a practical lesson here that applies to other issues. We hear Democrats campaigning for amnesty in which they would “just happen” to gain thousands of voters. We also hear them preach against voter ID laws as, not a basic attempt to prevent voter fraud, but a White Supremacist plot to deny the voting rights of minorities. Not only do Democrats campaign on these issues as if they were saints battling the Devil, but people in the media take them completely seriously and adopt Democrat talking points as if they were self-evident moral principles.

It might make you wonder: Are these people sincere? Do they really care about immigrants and minorities?

Look at the campaign for DC statehood. These people produce the same moral earnestness for fastening two more politicos in the Senate for the sake of less than a million people. We are in the hands of people who will say and perhaps even believe anything they need to produce a permanent ruling regime for their Party.

So don’t be intimidated by the moralizing of Democrats. Their moral reasoning is worthless.