Meet The New Poster Boy For Obamacare Propaganda

Obamacare’s vaunted success story, 21-year-old Chad Henderson, who became a Democratic sensation yesterday when he became “the first person” to sign up for Obamacare, turns out to be a six-year volunteer for Obama’s main propaganda arm, Organizing For America. Not a crime by any means, but if he were a young Republican who had a horror story of his Obamacare signup process (of which there are many) and that story became widespread, he would be denounced as untrustworthy and agenda-driven, at minimum.

Henderson first got famous when he wrote on Twitter, “[E]nrolled in #Obamacare just now! Looking forward to having affordable healthcare for the first time!” He addressed this tweet to three different news organizations, two of which, so far, have interviewed him. In one of those interviews, Henderson said, “I’m happy that I could help out with the cause.” What cause would that be, Chad?

Well, it turns out he didn’t actually enroll in Obamacare. He filled out an application and figured out how much he’d have to pay, but he didn’t enroll. Now he’s claiming he never said he enrolled, but The Twitter doesn’t lie:

It’s curious that he addressed the tweet to three media outlets. He obviously knew that the media would be all too willing to spread his lie, dedicated leftists that they are. But could he have been paid by the Obama administration to tweet that? He’s been a volunteer for Obama since 2007, according to his LinkedIn page (as reported at and appears in a video on his YouTube channel in which he is sitting in the front row of an Obama rally earlier this year. It sure sounds like he has connections. If he wasn’t paid to propagate his lie, the administration doesn’t mind using it to propagate theirs; Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius retweeted his concocted claim.

But what will his Obamacare payment be? It’s 300 percent more than he was qualified for under private insurance, and he’s giddy about this. He qualifies for private health insurance via for only $44.72 a month, according to research done by the Cato Institute, but he wants to “help out with the cause” and is willing to burden himself (not to mention the health-care system for the entire country) by paying 300 percent more than that. All in the name of propaganda.