Memorial Closures As A Public Display Of Obama’s Petulance

President Obama better be careful. He is overplaying his hand over this partial government shutdown, and it could very well end up hurting his chances of getting a Democratic majority in Congress in the 2014 midterm elections. His aggression ever since Democrats forced the shutdown at midnight on October 1 is one of the rare instances of his not being a brilliant politician. Not that it wouldn’t be fantastic to see his plans go down in flames.

The most visible example of his aggression is currently the biggest news story, namely the closing of the World War II memorial in D.C. See, the secondary purpose of these government shutdowns is to gain support for tax increases, which is why Democrats are always so eager for shutdowns to occur. They love these shutdowns, their phony protestations notwithstanding. It’s why the government “shuts down” only in the most public of ways. Monuments, parks, libraries, etc., are closed because those will be felt the most by the people. It doesn’t matter that there are other functions of government that are even less essential than these; the most tangible parts of the government will be affected, even to the point of comical absurdity, as in the case of the WWII memorial.

This memorial is “open air,” meaning there are no gates or admission fees; you just walk around it and look at the thing. How do you “close” such a memorial? You direct the National Park Service to set up barricades around it, and Obama did just that. There is no legitimate reason to prohibit people from using their eyes and their feet to enjoy the memorial, which just sits there out in the open, unless you’re propagandizing the effects of the shutdown. (Good for the Republican National Committee offering to pay for five security guards at the memorial so it can reopen.)

There’s another, lesser-known story I heard about (courtesy of Poor Richard’s News), reported at The Washington Free Beacon:

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm [a public park] announced on Wednesday that [the National Park Service] has ordered it to suspend operations until Congress agrees to a deal to fund the federal government.

Significant about this is the fact that although the park is on federal land (i.e., taxpayer-owned), it receives absolutely no funding or any other resources from the government. As the Free Beacon noted, this park was not closed during prior shutdowns. So why now? Because the Obama administration told the Park Service to close it down. He’s a dirty, rotten politician. (Side note: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is another dirty politician. He blames Republicans for the Democrats’ refusal to fund the government, which is just…it’s incredible.)

Even the Lincoln Memorial, another open-air memorial, was ordered closed by the administration. There is literally no cost to the government in letting people walk up to Abraham Lincoln’s monolithic monument, but Obama, Dirty Politician, wants people to hurt. This aggression of his is creepy and bordering on unstable. Just look at this photo. That photo shouldn’t exist in an America run by a sane man.

If word spreads about who ordered the WWII memorial closure, and that of a public park that receives no federal resources at all, (it was Obama, to be clear), then this aggression on the part of the President risks damaging his party in the 2014 elections. Hopefully people will begin to see how petulant, immature, and vindictive he and his fellow Democrats are.