If Men Were Angels They Wouldn’t Be Perverts in Government

If men were angels, we wouldn’t need governments.

If men were angels, centralized government wouldn’t be a problem.

Men are not angels.

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Timothy DeFoggi “solicited child porn images from other members [of his child porn site], viewed images and exchanged private messages with other members expressing interest in raping, beating and murdering infants and toddlers.”

So who is Timothy DeFoggi? He was only the former head of computer security for the Department of Health and Human Services—you know, the folks with access to all medical information on your children, thanks to Obamacare.

So Wired.com reported:

As the acting cybersecurity chief of a federal agency, Timothy DeFoggi should have been well versed in the digital footprints users leave behind online when they visit web sites and download images.

But DeFoggi—convicted today in Nebraska on three child porn charges including conspiracy to solicit and distribute child porn—must have believed his use of the Tor anonymizing network shielded him from federal investigators.

He’s the sixth suspect to make this mistake in Operation Torpedo, an FBI operation that targeted three Tor-based child porn sites and that used controversial methods to unmask anonymized users.

But DeFoggi’s conviction is perhaps more surprising than others owing to the fact that he worked at one time as the acting cybersecurity director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. DeFoggi worked for the department from 2008 until January this year. A department official told Business Insider that DeFoggi worked in the office of the assistant secretary for administration as lead IT specialist but a government budget document for the department from this year (.pdf) identifies a Tim DeFoggi as head of OS IT security operations, reporting to the department’s chief information security officer.

Centralized power is consummate foolishness because too often the most wicked people seek the greatest power in order to live out their darkest nature. That’s as true of cybersecurity chiefs as it is of Presidents.