Men Kill Themselves because They Care about Families

Men kill themselves far more often than women do everywhere on the planet. So who is being oppressed? published a stunning graphic along with an astounding story about male suicide. Men kill themselves in far greater numbers than women do virtually everywhere in the world.

male suicide v female

In fact, briefly looking at the data, Japan and South Korea stand out as anomalies where the male suicide rate does not more than triple the woman’s rate.

So why do men kill themselves?

The Quartz story tells us a possible answer:

There are probably many factors as to why this is the case. But Rory O’Connor of the University of Glasgow believes that he may have found the one factor that contributes to this gender bias the most: social perfectionism.

Men feel they have to provide or they have failed. A 2014 study (pdf) shows that, despite decades of progress on gender inequality, expectations of what it means to be a man are stuck in the 1950s.


Even in the developed world, where gender equality is not as bad as in developing countries, most men still see themselves as being responsible for providing and protecting their family. Of course, some women are social perfectionists too. But men’s social perfectionism is much more harmful.

“A man who can’t provide for the family is somehow not a man anymore,” Roy Baumeister of University of Florida says in Mosaic. “A woman is a woman no matter what, but manhood can be lost.”

Wait. Just wait.

I think it is bad men kill themselves (and women too!). I want it to stop.

But do we really want a society where men stop driving themselves to provide for others? Is there not a probable downside to “liberating” men from such expectations?

In the United States, why isn’t the economy worse than it is? Why aren’t more families on welfare?

It seems quite likely that it is because men are driven by a sense of honor to provide for their dependent women and children.

Yet this story seems to basically want to tell us that men’s suicide rates are due to them being sexist and neurotic. Men kill themselves because they are stuck in the 1950s.

Can anyone imagine the media or academia saying the same thing about women’s suicide rates?

But I’m not surprised that the media and academia are taking this tone on the fact that men kill themselves because it completely trashes the overall feminist myth. Allegedly, men are exploitive rulers who keep women down for their own gain. They prop themselves up at the expense of women.

So why aren’t women nearly as likely to kill themselves? Common sense would say that they should be more likely to kill themselves because their lives are made so miserable by men.

Think about those suicide rates and remember how Hillary Clinton is campaigning to end the worldwide oppression and second class citizenship of women:

As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their societies is the great unfinished business of the 21st century and not just for women but for everyone — and not just in far away countries but right here in the United States.

What do you want, Hillary? To make sure that women kill themselves in more numbers to show they have come to be equal with men?

This is an area where closing the gender gap could be bad news for women!

By the way, here is the CDC graph for U.S. suicide rates from 2005-2009 by both sex and ethnic classification:

national suicide rates

Notice that African Americans and Hispanics are far less likely to kill themselves than whites. You can tell that Native Americans in Alaska have it bad because their suicide rate exceeds that of whites.

I want fewer suicides. But does this look like whites are living off their privilege or like they are trying hard to contribute to society?

Answer for yourself because the mainstream media and academia will avoid the question at all costs.