Merkel Condemns “Hate,” then German Newspaper Burned

Arsonists attacked a German newspaper that republished some Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Molotov cocktail

Associated Press reports on the story:

 Police in Germany have detained two men suspected of an arson attack early today against a newspaper that republished the cartoons of French weekly Charlie Hebdo. The newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost said on its website the overnight arson attack destroyed several files in its archive, but didn’t injure anyone. Hamburg police said it had detained the two young men near the newspaper building. Police spokeswoman Karina Sadowsky told the AP that several stones and a Molotov cocktail were found in the newspaper’s archive in the basement of the building. She didn’t identify or give any further details about the suspects.

This is very interesting. It was not that long ago that Angela Merkel went on TV and tried to embarrass her German countrymen to keep them from participating in rallies that objected to the Islamization of the West. She said the hearts of the leadership were full of hate and racism. Presumably, a newspaper that printed satirical attacks on Mohammad would be joining in the hatred. Right? But now it is suddenly the essence of German patriotism to protect them. That is good, but it hardly seems consistent.

The Hamburg tabloid published the Charlie Hebdo cartoons the day after the attack against the newspaper in Paris to express its solidarity with the slain journalists. Several other national and local German newspapers also published the cartoons. They are now getting police protection. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere today called on all citizens to be vigilant in their everyday lives in response to the attacks in neighboring France, where hundreds of thousands are currently rallying in Paris.

So not only do we have special police being used, but Germany also requires the careful engagement of the entire German population. Would that really be necessary if there wasn’t a large population of Muslims in Germany, of which an indeterminate number are radicalized?

Maybe that fact had more to do with the anti-Islamization protests than racism, as Angela Merkel wanted us to believe for whatever reason.