Michael Bloomberg for President? Seriously?

Some think Michael Bloomberg should run for the Democratic nomination if Clinton drops out.

An editorial in USA Today calls for the nomination of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

What are the chances of disaster for Hillary? Surely no less than any front-runner with a target on his or her back. And arguably much greater.

And yet the Democrats will be stuck with her, without an alternative, because — beyond some point on the campaign timeline — nobody will have the wherewithal to raise the dough to make him or herself a plausible option. Not in a last-ditch primary campaign, and certainly not in the general election, where, demanding many months if not years of groveling, the price will be close to $2 billion. There’s no default here.

Save one.

You can play this party trick. Everybody is so locked down in Hillary myopia that nobody gets the obvious — the only — alternative.

And it’s not simply that this is the sole person with $2 billion in his or her pocket, but the only person who could instantly offer a post-Clinton and post-Obama reset and new start.

Yes, of course, Michael Bloomberg.

You have got to be kidding me. Both in 2008 and in 2012, Barack Obama refused to campaign against the Second Amendment. After the Sandy Hook massacre, there was a concerted effort to institute more gun controls and most of that effort was a failure.

But Bloomberg has amassed a reputation as a hater of the Second Amendment.

[See also, “Michael Bloomberg Says Some Races Should Be Disarmed.”]

Also, people like to choose for themselves what they will eat and drink. Bloomberg is an authoritarian control freak. His record on controlling soda size will be immensely unpopular.

And the fact that he is a billionaire will work against him when it comes to his base. He is far wealthier than Mitt Romney. He will represent the one percent in the minds of most voters—and for good reason.

I realize that Bloomberg has won elections before (though I don’t understand how he did it). But where is the evidence that he would have any appeal beyond New York State? His perpetual self-seriousness will make him loathsome to many voters.