Michael Brown Shooting: “Anything but Murder”?

According to the Western Journalism website,

Additional information came out Wednesday that suggests Brown’s death was anything but a murder. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson confirmed the still unidentified officer who shot him was serious injured by the teen.

I’m not willing to say whether it was murder, but I don’t understand how the writer can claim the police chief’s version “suggests Brown’s death was anything but a murder.”

When the riots first broke out in Ferguson, I was appalled. I still am. Sadly, the chaos of protesting allows a lot of criminals to use the cover of the crowd and the chaos to commit acts that have nothing to do with Michael Brown’s death.

But the story coming out from both the police and from the claims of witnesses is not adding up to anything that looks good.

Even if the police story is true, we know Michael Brown, after first being shot when the officer was still in the vehicle, was then shot again (not sure how many times; the Medical examiner refuses to say) when he was away from the vehicle. Even if witnesses were lying about how Brown was trying to surrender, is a police officer really licensed to shoot down unarmed fleeing criminals?

Here are two witness statements ( video and text and then the video below). Perhaps they are lying. But no matter how the struggle started in the car, everyone confirms that Brown was shot to death while fleeing (assuming that it is not true that he actually tried to surrender).

The officer’s face was swollen. Was that because an eighteen-year-old with no criminal record decided to assault him while he was in his vehicle? Or was that because the eighteen-year-old was desperate to get away?

If Brown assaulted an armed officer in a vehicle all I can say is that it seems like a bold move for his first ever recorded crime.

Of course, it might help to look at the record of the officer who shot him. That information has sometimes proven to be quite revealing about why a police officer might have used deadly force. But we can’t because the Police Department refuses to release his name.

I still don’t know what happened and I will await the official investigation(s). But I don’t see how swelling bruises on the police officer’s face prove that much.