Michael Gerson Tells Huge Lie That Americans Want to Believe

Michael Gerson attacks Rand Paul and shows what kind of delusions he thinks his readers want to embrace.

Ironically, Gerson’s headline in the Washington Post is “Rand Paul’s grand deception.” I don’t want to say much about Rand Paul in this post. I’m more interested in Gerson’s sick denial of the truths he admits in his own column. What kind of mental illness pervades our nation that we actually read this stuff?

Gerson writes about an anti-war push by Rand Paul back when he filibustered on the issue of killing Americans with drones:

But the greatest enemy of ideology is history, which tends to pick apart political abstractions bit by bit. Military aggression by Russia, a regional power grab by Iran and the rise of the Islamic State as the most dangerous terror state in modern times have all highlighted the risks of American passivity. 


Those things happened because of American “passivity”?

I’m sorry for the war-torn people of the Ukraine. But the United States instigated and aided an unconstitutional coup and rebellion and attempt to set up a new regime. A representative of our State Department was caught saying “F— the EU,” because she was angry that the EU was being too passive.

And it is some surprise that Vladimir Putin would not allow us to take Crimea away from his orbit of influence. Really? American aggression has basically re-started the Cold War. Gerson likes that, obviously. I’m not going to argue about it. But the idea that is shows the results “of American passivity” is not just inaccurate, but the opposite of the truth. Military aggression by Russia was a result of America’s own aggression and everyone knows it.

And how can it be so important to deprive Iran of ever getting even one nuclear weapon and yet go head-to-head with a country that has hundreds of nuclear missiles. What kind of suicidal moron talks that way?

And the Islamic State is the result of “American passivity”?

We have been supporting and recruiting Sunni terrorists in Syria (and Libya) for years now. We made ISIS and anyone who is not intentionally ignorant knows it. We degraded Iraq in the most insane way possible so that it would become a Sunni terrorist playground. It was our active foreign policy that did this and continues to do it.

So this is the infernal shameless strategy: Just pretend all previous history was us being “isolationist” and then use all the results of American foreign policy as a reason to “now” intervene to solve all these problems we created by the same methods we now propose to use to fix them.

And it is so transparent. Gerson admits later in his column that his “American passivity” was never present.

Paul opposes aid to Syrian rebels because, he says, arms might fall into the wrong hands and be used against Syrian Christians.


It has already happened. It has been done. We know the results as the Islamic State.

And how is aiding “Syrian rebels” compatible with all that “American passivity” you said was responsible for the Islamic State, Gerson?

The only reason such obvious lies can possibly work is that Americans now psychologically need an ongoing cowboy movie overseas so they can pretend that they are John Wayne. The American voter’s posture to politicians on foreign policy is “Please lie to us. Give us monsters to slay and make us the heroes again.”

There is no other possible explanation that a fibber like Gerson could ever be taken seriously. The foreign policy disaster we are currently involved in on multiple fronts and theaters is one hundred percent of America’s own making.