Michael Tomasky Gets Crazy About GOP

The always insane Michael Tomasky writes at The Daily Beast, “If you’d asked me six months ago whether the Republican Party would manage to find a few ways to sidle back toward the center between now and 2016, I’d have said yes. But today, on the basis of evidence offered so far this year, I’d have to say a big fat no. With every passing month, the party contrives new ways to go crazier.”

He gives unconvincing evidence to this claim. One is that the GOP is crazy for not wanting the self-avowed Democrats at CNN and NBC to host the Republican primary debates since, self-avowed Democrats that they are, they will be airing two separate Hillary Clinton biopics. Tomasky claims nobody who had no opinion on Clinton before seeing the TV movies would become a Clinton supporter just for seeing them. But this ignores the fact that the American electorate is a very emotional group who is easily persuaded by the mass media to feel and do whatever the media intends for them to feel and do. That’s why emotion-centric, feel-good advertisements are so successful and have become a sickening trend.

Why wouldn’t Republicans want their Republican-only debate, in which Republicans will talk about issues dear to Republicans, and which will be watched mostly by Republicans still undecided on which Republican they will support, to be moderated by someone who does not work for a network that is openly anti-Republican? It is not insanity to boycott CNN and NBC over their Clinton love affairs; it is insanity to insist Republicans, in a self-harming act, allow CNN’s and NBC’s Democratic talking heads to moderate those Republican debates.

There is a bit more to Tomasky’s article, more evidence of Republican insanity, all of which is weaker than the previous argument (you can read them for yourself here). But I have an example of Democratic insanity.

By now you’ve heard of the 15-, 16-, and 17-year-old black kids who shot and killed white college student Christopher Lane. This sort of story no longer surprises me. I’ve come to expect such primitive behavior from this demographic because incidents of it are so commonplace.

“We were bored,” one of the animals said, “so we decided to kill somebody.” Naturally.

But do you want to see insanity? The Huffington Post has a piece by Steve Clemons in which Clemons blames a non-sentient object for Lane’s death, rather than blaming the beasts who so nonchalantly murdered him. “I have been greatly affected by sad news from Oklahoma today,” the article reads, “another case of a victim of gun violence that deserves as much attention and public concern as the more grisly mass slayings we have heard so much about and which still have not produced progress on gun control.”

“[A] victim of gun violence”? If that’s the case, surely the murder weapon will be placed on trial, right? We can’t just allow guns to roam free to commit acts of violence!

If Tomasky wants to talk about insanity in the political parties, he might consider looking at his own party, which puts the blame for violence on non-living household items and continues to ignore the growing problem of savagery committed by the black community in this Obama-inspired age of anti-white sentiment.