Michelle Obama is a “busy, single mother”?

In an interview with CBS, Michelle Obama called herself a “busy, single mother” before quickly correcting herself. She then said that having a president husband sometimes feels like not having a husband at all.

Believe us, Michelle, we understand how you feel. Having Obama as president almost feels like having no president at all. No. That’s not quite right. In our case, we would actually be happy to have no president at all at this point. At least then he wouldn’t be doing anything. As it is, he’s just doing nothing good.

Part of what annoys me so much about Michelle and Barack Obama is their over-arching desire to convince America that they’re just average people. And it seems, at least in Michelle’s case, that she really believes her own press. Apparently, she thinks she’s just your average poor, working-class single mother.

Um, no. You’re not. I don’t think any average single mothers have an armed retinue of secret service agents at their beck and call 24/7. Or private chefs. Or access to their own private plane. Or multi-thousand dollar shopping sprees whenever and wherever they wish. Or exotic international vacations. Oh, and perhaps you wouldn’t feel so much like a single mother if you and Barack could sync your schedules enough to at least fly to your exotic vacations in the same plane. Yeah. That would be nice. For those of us that have to pay for it, at least.

You aren’t just an average mom. Sorry to break it to you. You aren’t even an average rich mom. See, most people actually have to earn their money. They don’t have their luxurious lifestyles paid for by their “subjects.” But there once was a group of people that did. They were called emperors and kings.

We are living under an imperial presidency. More so than ever, the warnings of the Anti-Federalists have come true about the Executive Branch. And about every other branch of our civil government for that matter. And I guess I could stomach it a little better if Marie Antoinette and her absentee husband didn’t insist on posturing so much. It really saddens me that the now suffering people who voted for this clown are actually convinced by the royal family’s “average joe” rhetoric.