Michelle Obama Thinks Beyoncé Is ‘A Role Model for Young Girls around the World’

The first lady tweeted happy birthday to Beyoncé and thanked her for being such a great role model. What is she supposed to be modeling?

Michelle Obama sent a birthday tweet to superstar Beyoncé, thanking her for being a great role model for young girls. Why? Do young girls need guidance to start early so they can become adult striptease dancers some day?

Michelle Obama tweet to beyonce

The story about this at The Blaze shows that the first lady received some pushback on Twitter, including some obvious photographic evidence that Beyoncé is not a role model for females at any age, let alone for “young girls.”

But the fact is that this goes way back. This is not the first time that Beyoncé’s value (or worthlessness) as a role model has been mentioned.

Back when her self-title album come out, Bill O’Reilly was highly critical. As the Karen Civil blog pointed out: Bill O’Reilly Thinks Beyoncé Is a Bad Role Model.”

In an interview with Russell Simmons, the controversial anchor criticized Bey for being a bad role model referencing her risqué videos and lyrical content.

“She puts out a new album with a video that glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine. Teenage girls look up to Beyoncé, particularly girls of color…Why on Earth would this woman do that?,” he added. “Why would she do it when she knows the devastation that unwanted pregnancies…and fractured families—why would Beyoncé do that?”

O’Reily further went on to say that Mrs. Carter has an “obligation to protect children” being that she is now a mother and feminist.

Notice the big difference between O’Reilly and Michelle Obama. He acknowledged that Beyoncé is a role model and therefore should stop promoting sluttiness. The First Lady says she is doing fine as she is.

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In fact, the First Lady has been holding up Beyoncé as a role model for several years. Her most recent tweet shows she remains committed to her position. A couple of years ago, Michelle Obama praised Beyoncé for being a role model to her daughters. One blog posted an open letter in reply, saying in part:

I’m writing because everything you do is admired and emulated by so many; but when you endorse a recording artist like Beyoncé, I see the most misogynistic aspects of the music industry (that prefers girls to be no more complex than dolls) interpret your comments as a seal of approval for the thoughtless cultural currency that they flood the youth market with. I’m writing because I think it’s time to stop suggesting to very young girls that ultimate feminine success – in the music industry or anywhere else – comes with the need, or the expectation for them to undress.

When Beyonce kicked off her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour two nights ago, wearing her sheer bodysuit with nipples showing, to me she performed the final degradation of her talent; a retrogressive transformation that has taken someone stellar and otherworldly, and made them into something dreadfully familiar and sad.

Variations of Beyonce’s body suit can be found in brothels, strip clubs, and red light districts across the world – where sex is for sale and it happens to be dispensed through a woman’s body. That she is a human being with feelings and dreams, perhaps a sister, a mother, a leader, a teacher, a student – ALWAYS – a daughter – all of this can be forgotten. In those surroundings a suit like Beyonce’s would look far from glamorous. Maybe just downright heartbreaking as a woman somewhere becomes an object, available for the gratification of a desire – at a price dictated by her ‘managers’.

I assume there is more to Beyoncé than that. But she has made her fortune precisely by promoting such degradation to both boys and girls. The fact that Michelle Obama thinks this is a great role model, not just for women in general, but for young girls, is highly disturbing! This is not some slip or some passing thought. This has been Michelle Obama’s repeated position for years.