Michelle Will Make Sure Barack Prepares for the Next Debate

Halloween (not Holloween) season is upon us. You can smell it in the air and see it in the trees. There’s also the prime indicator of the season of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins by the fright-fest-films that TCM is showing this month.

But there’s another indicator that the All Hallows’ Eve witching hour is approaching. Some liberal commentators are trying to put a mask on the poor debate performance of President Obama. One group of zombies is trying to claim that Romney cheated during the debate by pulling out some crib notes disguised as a handkerchief. What I saw was Obama looking down hoping someone had left him a set of cheat sheets. He sure needed them.

Furthermore, there is no time in a debate to look at a cheat sheet. Either you know the material or you don’t. Obama didn’t know the material. He hasn’t needed to know the material since the media have never challenged him on anything he’s ever said or done.

Liberals are desperate to find any reason to prop up their empty suit of a president. They won’t even believe the camera that shows “at several points during the debate, Romney was seen wiping his face with a white hanky, like in this video clip from C-SPAN.”

I’ve done numerous debates. The lights are hot. The atmosphere is tense, and debaters tend to perspire. I always carry a handkerchief and I often place it on the podium and use it only when my opponent is speaking.

Another post-debate attack on Romney’s trouncing of Obama is that Romney lied throughout the debate. Let’s assume he did. Why didn’t Obama (1) point out the lies and (2) offer a counter argument? It is a debate.

The funniest defense of the President’s performance came from Al Gore. You just knew that if the former vice president was to comment on the debate, it would have to do with some aspect of the environment. It was the rarified air of Denver that caught the President off guard. The mile-high city put the smartest president who ever lived in a mental stupor.

Gore’s comment will live in infamy, far longer than his claim that he invented the internet. Listen to the entire round table discussion and you’ll notice a woman commentator saying, “That’s interesting.” No. That’s idiotic.

Now we come to Juan Williams. Williams is a frequent commentator on Fox. He’s not as crazy as most liberals, but he remains an ardent apologist for liberal causes and leftist elected officials. His excuses for their policies and failures are not as bad as Gore’s or the crib-sheet brigade, but they are just as foolish.

Contrary to almost everything that has been published — even by reluctant liberals — Juan Williams does not believe that Romney won or Obama lost. What debate was he watching? If you read Williams’ article, it’s clear that even he believes, in a backhanded way, that Obama lost since the President did not confront Romney on his alleged lies. Consider this from Williams:

I could go on and on detailing the litany of outrageous statements made by Romney that should have been – but were not – challenged by Obama.

That is an admission that Obama lost. That’s why it’s called a debate. When someone says something that isn’t true, it’s up to the other guy to point it out and offer evidence to the contrary. It’s not up to the post-debate armchair quarterbacks to defend the loser. If you’re not allowed to have crib sheets in a debate, then you shouldn’t be allowed to have a team of post-debate surrogates making excuses for you.

There are two more debates. Romney be ready for rough and tumble encounters. Obama does not like looking foolish. He will prepare for the next one. Michelle will see to that.