Michigan Federal Judge Rules Fathers and Mothers Are Dispensable

A Federal Judge has struck down the Michigan state constitution’s denial of the existence of same-sex marriage. The judge ruled that the state constitution violated the “equal protection” clause of the Federal Constitution.

This ruling, of course, assumed that homosexuals are more or less a minority just like non-white races currently are. But, as homosexuals themselves vehemently tell us, that is not true. So the entire basis of the judge’s decision is an open lie.

But the weirder part of this decision was the fascination with the question of raising children.

Everyone knows that some children do all right being raised in orphanages. Some children manage to survive horrific circumstances and become healthy adults. So obviously, no one is pretending that it is impossible to lead a healthy life after being raised by two women or two men posing as a married couple.

But that isn’t the same as pretending it is completely irrelevant whether one has a mother and a father versus either two “mothers” or two “fathers.” Are we really saying that exposure to genders in parents is completely irrelevant to developing into a healthy person?

Did anyone take upon themselves the burden of proof in demonstrating that two women or two men are the same as two opposite-sex parents?

Many in our society profess to believe in evolution. So how does that work with this view of parenting? The premise of homosexuality is that it is just as healthy to have a sexual relationship with a person of the same sex as it is to do so with a person of the opposite sex. According to evolutionary theory, the brains and personalities of men and women are based on millions of years of evolution in which they needed to mate with the opposite sex and raise children to survive into adulthood.

So, given that intellectual foundation, how can it be emotionally and psychologically healthy to reject the opposite sex and take on a person of the same sex instead? Also, how can it be emotionally and psychologically healthy to be raised by a couple of homosexuals in love with each other rather than by a heterosexual couple? How can one be as good as the other on evolutionary assumptions?

The truth is that no reasoning matters because everyone in our ruling class has decided that this is how it should be. All the institutions are going to recite their foregone conclusions and the judge can pretend he is listening to them as expert witnesses, rather than fellow ideologues. The people and their primitive voting need to be overruled.

We live in a dangerous time. People are demanding that we re-write laws and reshape institutions in order to shelter their sexual fantasies.