Mike Huckabee Adds to the Problem of Too Many GOP Candidates

Rather than support a candidate, Mike Huckabee added himself to the Republican confusion.

“When a land transgresses, it has many rulers, but with a man of understanding and knowledge, its stability will long continue” (Proverbs 28:2).

The ever-bloating list of 2016 Republican Presidential candidates is symbolic of the humanly hopeless divisions that exist across the land. We are being rushed to the Abyss by entrenched Establishments in two corrupt political machines, and unless opposition can unite, we simply guarantee a continuation and acceleration of the ills dividing and weakening us.

Which brings me to this story from the Associated Press: “Huckabee, the Other Man from Hope, Opens 2016 Bid.”

Mike Huckabee declared his presidential candidacy Tuesday, counting on his brand of conservative populism to make his second White House bid more successful than his first. In 2008, he captivated evangelical Republicans but couldn’t build wide enough support to win the Republican nomination.

The former Arkansas governor announced his 2016 bid in the hometown he shares with former President Bill Clinton, becoming the sixth notable Republican to enter the campaign, with more to come.

“Power, money and political influence have left a lot of Americans behind,” Huckabee told supporters in a speech railing against “big-government bailouts” and pledging elimination of the IRS, “the biggest bully in America.”


The ordained minister – he was Arkansas Baptist Convention president before getting into politics – speaks the language of faith, and he played up the cultural conservatism learned in this small town where many of his relatives – and a few Clinton relatives – still live. He stood by his opposition to abortion rights and same-sex marriage, declaring that “the Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being, and they cannot overturn the laws of nature or of nature’s God.”

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Instead of putting support behind someone with broader appeal, Mike Huckabee is one more addition to the band of Quixotic “Republicans” who will do nothing more than ensure a stomach-churning, no-win, Bush-Clinton showdown.

What a prize, to see who can be at the helm when the nation hits the economic and social icebergs dead-ahead in 2017-2020. Have you verified the location of the nearest flotation vests and lifeboats?