Military Leadership Endangers Men And Fit Women Marines

Why do I say “fit women”? Because the men in the Marines are all required to uphold the same level of fitness.

But that is not true of women.

CNS News:

Females in the Marine Corps will not have to meet the physical fitness standard—set to go into effect as of January–of being able to do at least three pull-ups, the Corps quietly announced on social media.

Unlike their female counterparts, male Marines have long been required to do at least 3 pullups.

The Marines have postponed the deadline for female Marines to be able to do at least three pullups for at least another year.

Currently, “women aren’t able to make the minimum standard of three pull-ups,” Marine spokesman Capt. Eric Flanagan told Fifty-five percent of female recruits tested at the end of boot camp were unable to do three pull-ups (1 percent of male recruits also failed).

Marine officers told NPR off-the-record that, given the three-pull-ups rule,  they were afraid of losing “not only new recruits, but also current female Marines who can’t pass the test.”

Female Marines will be allowed to do the flex-arm hang instead of pull-ups this year. With the arm hang, a person grabs the bar with both hands and pulls their body up and holds their chin above the bar for as long as possible.

Anyone can do a search at YouTube and no that the claim “women aren’t able to make the minimum standard of three pull-ups” is false. Some women can not only do the pull-ups but do them with extra weight strapped on.

So the Marines aren’t doing this because no women can do three pull-ups. They are doing it because not enough women who are willing to sign up for the Marines can do three pull-ups.

Why do the Marines need more women to join than can accomplish three push-ups?

It has nothing to do with the needs of national defense. This is the work of feminist ideology demanding that women are equal to men by imposing unequal standards on men and women.

Thus, feminism becomes a force, not for the equality of men and women, but for foisting inferior women on a group of women and men.

Personally, I don’t believe we should have women in the military for a variety of reasons. But if I were a woman Marine who could do three pull-ups, I’d be pretty angry about this change.