Military Wives Tribute to Husbands Serving Abroad

With all of the problems our nation and the rest of the world are facing, I thought it time to post something positive for a change.

Women whose husbands are in the military and serving abroad have written letters of love and support for centuries.  Those letters have served as inspiration for many heroic deeds.  They are often the only positive thing that some of the servicemen have to cling to during the worst times of their lives.

My dad entered the US Navy prior to World War II in 1940, and served for six years.  He was deployed to the south Pacific 4 days after marrying my mom.  They didn’t see each other until my oldest brother was nine months old.  I remember his telling us kids how much mom’s letters meant to him and how he always looked forward to mail call when they were in port or met another ship.

Someone, I don’t know who, took lines from the letters of military wives and put them into a poem.  British composer Paul Mealor took that poem, ‘Wherever You Are’ and put it to music.  Choirmaster Gareth Malone directed The Military Wives Choir and recorded the song and released it just prior to Christmas.

Whether British or American, the words and love expressed in this song are universal in meaning between a wife and her military husband serving in a foreign land.  I believe it can also express the love of a mother whose son is in the military.  If you know of anyone serving or of someone who has a loved one serving, forward this on to them.  Let them know how much they mean to us and that we are here to support them.  It may be one of the best gifts you could share with our military men that are away from home.