Millennials Are Turning On Planned Parenthood

Why shouldn’t Millennials hate Planned Parenthood? Without that organization there would be a lot more of them.

I am rather amazed that this column got published at The Hill. It reads like a pro-life manifesto and also a prophecy of doom on Planned Parenthood.

It also portrays Planned Parenthood as old cranks standing on their front porches screaming, “You kids get off my lawn.”

Some of you may remember I essentially said the same thing about Millennials in early August:

Millennials have shown a great deal of promise, in my opinion. I may have formed some unfavorable impressions of them but I have also seen some great things. Most recently, the citizen journalist who has launched an amazing attack on Planned Parenthood is a Millennial. And the way he has been treated by the old guard (a name that can be taken quite literally in most cases) is akin to a blue-hair telling a youth that children should be seen and not heard.

So now I have some confirmation under the headline: “Planned Parenthood should be worried.”

For example:

Whereas in the 1990s, 36 percent of voters under age 30 believed abortion should be legal for any reason, that number had been shaved down to 24 percent by 2010. Young people are the most likely of all age groups to believe that abortion should be illegal in all situations. The percent of young people who hold that view is up by nearly ten points since the 1970s.  

But millennials aren’t just pro-life on paper. We are increasingly pro-life in practice. Most importantly, we are increasingly keeping our own children. The teen abortion rate fell by 51 percent between 1990 and 2010, all while the unplanned pregnancy rate held constant. The trade-off has been a rise in out-of-wedlock motherhood, but with the abortion rate at its lowest level since abortion was made the law of the land in 1973, the pro-life message to women in crisis appears to be working.

And then there is what pro-life leaders like Charmaine Yoest and Marjorie Dannenfelser call the “intensity gap,” the reality that though young pro-lifers are still not a majority, we are more passionate and more likely to act. […]NARAL’s own survey of voters under 30 in 2012 found that young pro-lifers are twice as likely as young pro-choicers to say a candidate’s position on abortion determined our vote.

And, like I did last month, the writer also points out that “The man behind the biggest and savviest expose of their gruesome practices is 26 years old.”

Since the writer, Ashley McGuire, is focused on only one issue, she doesn’t mention that Millennials are not staying inside the Liberal cage when it comes to other issues. They are not likely to buy into the Global Warming scam, for example.

So if someone tells you that the youth are against all things conservative, don’t believe them. They are trying to intimidate you and reassure themselves.