Million Muslim March Generates Fewer Than 30 People

Earlier this summer, the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) tried to organize the Million Muslim March on Washington DC.  They purposely selected the date of Sept 11, the anniversary of the Muslim attack on America, to hold their rally at the nation’s capital.

Many including myself believed the timing of the event was insensitive and a slap in the faces of those that died on 9/11 and their families.  Feeling the heat from people upset about the event, AMPAC changed the name of the event to Million American March Against Fear.

I pointed out last month that the terminology now being used is the same tactic used by socialists and gay activists to get American to accept their agendas and philosophies more readily.  Case in point, few Americans would openly embrace anything labeled socialist, but the whole country is welcoming the term social justice which is the very same thing.  Who in America would openly embrace communism, but who would turn away from community action?

The use of the terms Against Fear is also following in the same footsteps taken by gay activists.  They want everyone to believe that anyone that disagrees with them only does so out of fear of not understanding.  They cannot allow anyone to have a legitimate right to disagree, rather they intend on discrediting people like Christians and Jews.

Interestingly, hardly anyone picked up on the name change and still referred to the event as the Million Muslim March.  They got their permits to hold their rally and were all set for a huge crowd.

When 9/11 came, the Muslims failed to show up.  Most media reported that the crowd was less than 30 people.  The lack of turnout leaves AMPAC with egg on their face as the whole thing was a complete failure.

However, there was a larger than expected crowd that did show up in Washington DC on 9/11, but they weren’t Muslims.  Bikers from all over the country rallied to the nation’s capital with the intent of having millions of motorcycle engines drowning out the speakers at Muslim gathering.  Even though they were not given a permit to ride through the city without stopping for traffic signals, like parades and funerals do, thousands of bikers responded to the call.  The stream of bikers heading to the Beltway took 50 minutes to pass by at one location.

Hopefully what took place in Washington DC on 9/11 will tell everyone in America that we will not allow a Muslim takeover of our nation and that we can muster up a lot more support for America than the Muslims can.  When the time comes for this confrontation, and that time is now, what will you do and where will you stand?