Minimum Wage Hike: Is the GOP Really Going to Surrender?

With Obamacare revealed as a massive, corrupt failure, how could the Democrats possibly hope to push through any of their agenda? Yet, the Washington Times editors suggest that Republicans are willing to aid and abet them on a minimum wage increase.

With frightened Republicans scattering like bunny rabbits at the sound of distant thunder, a job-killing minimum-wage increase is probably inevitable. Only 63 House Republicans voted to maintain the budgetary discipline that prevented President Obama from breaking the budget into even tinier pieces. The early, unconditional surrender in the House sends a message that these congressmen will throw good policy overboard at the first sign their re-election could be imperiled. The Republican cynicism stands proud and naked. It’s enough to make a speaker cry.

With a bully pulpit backed up by friends in the media, the president owns the agenda in Washington. If he can fool Republicans into voting for a tax and spending increase in return for gossamer spending reductions to take place someday, maybe in a future decade when many of the congressmen voting for it will be dead, anyway, there’s no limit to what he can do.

Could this possibly be true? It defies the imagination that this lame-duck president should be able to accomplish anything at all.

But he doesn’t seem to care about his present and past failures. He simply keeps on pushing.

Taking his case to Twitter, Mr. Obama said: “Here’s how to improve our economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs: Raise the wage.” He claimed a $2.85 increase in the federal minimum would create $32.6 billion in new wealth and 140,000 new jobs.

This is the kind of thing that ought to be mocked. The President is lying again—or rather spouting whatever nonsense comes into his silly head to win his argument and get his way. He has no intention of worrying about his groundless assertions when they prove false.

But are the Republicans going to mock him?

Or are they going to give President Obama respect and stature that he does not deserve?

Republicans ought to be advocating the abolition of the minimum wage law and any other price control. They know that the minimum wage law only increases unemployment and hurts the poorest people in society. They ought to be pushing this message and forcing the Democrats on the defensive.

If Republicans endorse a minimum wage hike, they will be telling the world that, despite its massive failures, liberalism is correct. It will be nothing less than treachery.