Minimum Wage Hike: Local Democrat Vote-Buying

People lose their jobs all the time. If a few more people find themselves out of work, or people who are already out of work find it impossible to get a new job, they are going to blame the general economic climate in some vague way.

This phenomenon is an amazing gift to politicians. It allows them to hike the minimum wage law and put people out of work and still get thanked for what they have done.

The Washington Post reports:

States and municipalities across the country are leading a localized push to raise the minimum wage, driven largely by Democrats, who see an opening to appeal to working-class Americans at a time of growing inequity.

Efforts in Congress to raise the national minimum wage above $7.25 an hour have stalled. But numerous local governments — including those of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, and the District — are forging ahead, in some cases voting to dramatically increase the pay of low-wage workers.

The efforts, while supported by many unions, threaten to create a patchwork of wage rates that could mean workers in some areas will be entitled to vastly less than those working similar jobs nearby. The campaigns reach from coast to coast.

“Congress can’t do anything right now, and even if they could, they wouldn’t even come close to the level that various cities and states around the country are looking at,” said Phil Mendelson, the Democratic chairman of the D.C. Council, which is expected to take an initial vote Tuesday setting the city’s minimum wage at $11.50 an hour by 2016.

The county councils in Montgomery and Prince George’s voted this week to reach $11.50 — higher than any rate in effect in the United States — by 2017. The coordinated effort emerged in recent months after local officials decided they could not wait for Congress or state legislators.

As minimum wage fights have gone increasingly local, Democrats have led the charge, working to define themselves as the party of blue-collar workers while casting Republicans as defenders of corporations and big business.

Backing minimum wage increases, even in otherwise conservative states, sharpens that definition, they believe. Minimum wage increases have broad public support, and income inequality issues have touched a nerve in many places.

Note the language: “forging ahead,” “could not wait for Congress”—This story is hinting that these changes are inevitable and trying to legitimize the local decisions by giving the reader the impression that they are merely going a little further down the road we are already traveling.

If voters are so deeply stupid as to think that a minimum wage law make blue-collar workers better off, then Democrats will win. I’d like to think that Obamacare would have a cascading effect onto other Liberal wish-fantasies, but I doubt that will happen soon.

It is really discouraging because if people can’t figure out that forcing consumers to pay higher prices for a product will result in their buying a fewer number of the product, then how can they ever be free? They are simply stunted children waiting for whatever scamster exploits them—a Democrat Party happy hunting ground.

If Wal-Mart doubled all its prices would you buy as much from them?

If raising the minimum wage to $11.50 is good, then why not to $25.00 an hour? Or $50.00.

The only thing we can hope is that the amount is so high and the economy so fragile that there are immediate and drastic economic hardships that happen so hard and so fast that everyone sees the connection between minimum wage law and growing unemployment.