Minister Jailed for Helping Mother Save Her Daughter

A former lesbian left the United States with her biological daughter because a court had ordered that her former lesbian “partner” be given custody. Doing what any mother would do, she fought the court at every turn, but when it came time to give up her daughter to a woman who engaged in an immoral and destructive lifestyle, Lisa Miller fled the country with the aid of a Christian minister.

Caught in the crossfire is Pastor Kenneth Miller, of Stuarts Draft, Va., who “was convicted in a Vermont court on a charge of aiding in international parental kidnapping. He admitted that he helped Lisa Miller (no relation to the pastor) and her daughter, Isabella, leave the U.S. in 2009 at Lisa’s urging.” Does this story remind you of a dark period in world history when people had to be hid from the oppressive laws of the State?

I have repeatedly argued that pro-homosexual laws will affect more than homosexuals. We’ve seen how companies have been sued for refusing to give service for homosexual weddings. Their refusal is based on moral considerations, aiding and abetting an immoral lifestyle. It would be like saying no to catering a KKK party or refusing to take photographs at a racist rally. The KKK and racists have every right to make their opinions known, but no one should be forced to accommodate them.

Look what happened to people who supported California’s Proposition 8. A number of them were hounded by homosexuals. Some lost their jobs because they supported the anti-homosexual marriage Proposition that was passed by a majority of voters in California.

The day may come when the gaystapo comes after you for some infraction. The courts are draconian when it comes to homosexual rights. The oppressive homosexual movement is relentless in shutting the mouths of all opposition. Making an example of a peace-loving pastor is not beyond their goal in making homosexuality the law of the land.

President Obama has put the full force of the United States government on getting the Supreme Court to make homosexual marriage legal in all states, striking down more than 30 states that have voted to outlaw the unnatural and immoral relationship.

Lisa Miller understood what might happen to her daughter if she was introduced to the lesbian lifestyle at an early age. She knew what it had done to her. She made a brave and decisive decision:

“To protect her daughter, Lisa Miller begged her Amish-Mennonite pastor to help mother and daughter leave the country – and he did.

“Last August, a federal jury in Vermont convicted Pastor Miller of helping Lisa flee the country with Isabella, rather than hand her daughter over to her one-time homosexual partner.

“The sympathetic pastor knew he was facing as much as three years behind bars, but said he was ‘willing to accept the consequences’ of his actions.”

So the persecution begins. We can learn a lesson from Pastor Miller. Here’s what he wrote to the federal court judge who sentenced him:

“If it is true that my actions flow out of my faith in Jesus, and from my deeply held moral beliefs, and I sincerely think they do, then it must follow that whatever judgment is being brought against me by the United States of America, is judgment on my faith and conscience and deeply held moral beliefs. … I was faced with a woman in distress who needed help to protect her daughter from what seemed to be an inhumane court decree.”

What would you have done in Nazi Germany when Jews were being hunted down? Would you have resisted by hiding Jews? Wake up America, before it’s too late!