Minorities are Window Dressing for the Democrats

Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa accused Republicans of using Hispanic speakers during their convention as “window dressing.”

Liberals are all about window dressing. Once you get inside the store, the shelves are bare or stocked with worn out political clichés and empty promises. This is especially true when it comes to minorities. Liberals have taken away the “Colored” signs from water fountains and bathrooms, but they still won’t let them into their living room unless they can control their movements. The only ones that get to sit down are those who do the bidding of the host.

Liberals work hard to get minorities to the polls to vote so the liberal establishment can stay in power, but Liberals are reluctant to give minorities enough power to govern themselves. If the word gets out that a minority can be independent of government, then it might get back to other “brown skin” people that they can do it too. When this happens, the Democrat Party is finished.

There are a number of articles floating around on the Internet about how few black and brown faces there were among the Republican delegates. Michelle Malkin, something of a brown face herself, tweeted the following:

SHAME SHAME SHAME on all you racist progs playing the #negrospotting game. Dear God, you people are sick.

Of course there aren’t that many black Republican delegates; they’re mostly liberal Democrat field hands that do the bidding of their Democrat masters. Every two years, Democrats rent a cadre of black- and brown-face voters for an election telling them that their only hope is to vote for them, and they do it, even though most Hispanics and Blacks have more in common with Republican principles.

Colby King, a columnist for the Washington Post, said Republicans “always have African-Americans on the [convention] podium. Either it’s somebody singing ‘God Bless America,’ or praying, you know, before or after.” Let’s put this claim of the Pulitzer-Prize winning “journalist” to the test:

Mia Love (mayor and candidate for US House from Utah)

Artur Davis (former US Congressman from Alabama)

Jane Edmonds (served in Romney’s Massachusetts cabinet)

Luis Fortuno (Governor of Puerto Rico)

Luce Vela Fortuno (First Lady of Puerto Rico)

Condoleezza Rice (former Secretary of State)

Ted Cruz (candidate for US Senate from Texas)

Nikki Haley (governor of South Carolina)

Brian Sandoval (governor of Nevada)

Sher Valenzuela (candidate for Lt. Gov. of Delaware)

Marco Rubio (US Senator from Florida)

By the way, the Republicans had a white guy pray at the end of the convention, the same white guy who’s going to pray at the Democrat National Convention — Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan of New York who I hope will denounce the DNC’s platform for supporting abortion on demand and homosexual marriage, two issues that most brown- and black-faced people abhor.